On Sunday, 4th March, Auditorio de Tenerife welcomes the first four music bands of the Musical Spring series, an initiative of the Island Federation of Tenerife Music Bands, supported by the Cabildo. The opening concert, to take place at the Chamber Music Hall at 11:30 am, includes performances by the groups A. M. Aída (San Andrés, Santa Cruz de Tenerife), S. M. Filarmónica (Los Realejos), A. M. La Esperanza (La Guancha), and A. M. Nivaria (Arafo).

The programme starts with Asociación Cultural y Recreativa Unión Musical Aída de San Andrés, conducted by Juan Alexis González Rodríguez. They will play Reige (Moorish March), by José María Ferrero Pastor; followed by Burbujas del sentido (Symphonic impression), by Ferrer Ferrán; and will end with Jordi (Paso doble), by José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana.

The next band to play is Sociedad Musical Filarmónica de Los Realejos, conducted by Francisco José Hernández Padrón. They will interpret Caballleros de Navarra (Christian March), by Ignacio Sánchez Navarro; Monte Medulio (Symphonic Poem), by Andrés Álvarez; Arabesque, by Samuel R. Hazo; and finally, Centenari Musical (Paso doble), by Ramon Garcia i Soler.

It is then the turn of Asociación Musical La Esperanza de La Guancha to perform under the baton of Jesús Agomar González Guillama. They will play Arsenal (Concert March), by Jan van der Roost; El príncipe de Egipto, by Shwart and arranged by Jay Bocook; and Arabesque (fantasy), by Samuel R. Hazo.

To close the concert, the Asociación Musical Nivaria, conducted by Miguel Ángel Expósito Marrero, is offering two pieces by Ferrer Ferrán: Roberto García Curbelo (Concert Paso doble) and Arafo, Ensueño de un Paraíso (Symphonic impression for wind orchestra).

The A. M. Aída (San Andrés) was founded in 1981 by Vicente Esteban Fariña Fariña, a musician and composer born in Arafo, Tenerife. This group performs in neighbourhoods and villages in Tenerife, taking part in processions, passacaglia, concerts, contests, etc. They have also played in Santa Cruz de La Palma and in Villa de Ingenio, in Gran Canaria. Apart from the founder, the group has had several musical directors before their current leader, Juan Alexis González Rodríguez, who came on board in 2011. At present they have 32 musicians and a music school with 25 students. 

The S. M. Filarmónica de los Realejos was established in 1847 and had Felipe Machado y Benítez de Lugo as its first conductor. Since October 2008, Tenerife-born Francisco José Hernández Padrón has been in charge of the band. They were awarded Isla de Tenerife Gold Medal by the Cabildo in 2010 for their contribution to spread the culture and values of Los Realejos, as this is the oldest music band in the Canaries. They have performed twice at Valencia fallas, and the band is made up of fifty members and nearly 80 students in their school. 

Agrupación Musical La Esperanza from La Guancha was set up in 1924 and has more than 50 members who play under the artistic direction of musician and composer Jesús Agomar González Guillama. The Patronato de Música XVIII de Enero runs the Group and the Escuela Municipal de La Guancha. In 2014, they were awarded the Gold Medal of La Guancha for their merits throughout their 90 years of existence. In 2017 the band received the Gold Medal of Tenerife at a memorable concert at the Concert Hall in Auditorio de Tenerife.

The Sociedad Filarmónica Nivaria, which made its debut on the esplanade at the Arafo Church in 1860, played in the proclamation events of the First Republic in 1873; also at King Alfonso XIII arrival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1906 and during the installation of the telegraphic cable from Cadiz to Santa Cruz in 1833. The band has also performed at Valencia fallas on several occasions and has the Island of Tenerife Gold Medal and the Gold Medal of Villa de Arafo. The band is currently directed by Miguel Ángel Expósito Marrero, has 90 musicians and 120 students in their school.