On Saturday, 16 singer Pablo López is giving a concert as part of his “Santa Libertad” tour. It will be at 8:00 pm at Sala Sinfónica of Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín. He is presenting his record Camino, fuego y libertad and tickets for the show were sold out just a few days after going on sale.

“With this record I’ve turned things over: my life, my stories, even my home”, the Andalusian songwriter says, who is also singing his greatest hits at the concert. Since it came out on 15 December 2017, “Camino, Fuego y Libertad” has gone beyond the singer’s expectations as it won the gold record on its first week and the platinum record two weeks after it was issued.

The theme that presents this new record “El Patio”, has meant a liberation for López. Since it came out he can’t help getting emotional every time he sings it. “This song has healed me, it’s been more like yelling, I needed to let go something inside me, get rid of many of my ghosts… it set me free and it’s true it’s become some kind of exorcism every time I sing it because it stirs me deeply; to me it’s almost like a person”, he admits. “El Patio” music video reached 7 million visits on Youtube in just a month and is now over 18 million. The story is about the patio we all have inside ourselves, told by means of an artistic concept developed by Pablo López himself.  He had the collaboration of friends like Javier Cámara, Pablo Motos, Malú, Fernando Tejero, Juan Betancourt, Ana Milán o rManuela Melles.

After two records which have positioned him as one of the most relevant authors in Spain, the Andalusian singer is enjoying the best moment in his career, along with the success of Camino, Fuego y Libertad. This good professional moment comes too with the added popularity he has gained in the TV talent show La Voz, where he was one of the coaches.