Baritones Gianni Giuga and Jorge Eleazar Álvarez Mora believe that The Italian in Algiers is the best recognition we can give Rossini on the 150th anniversary of his death. Both singers are playing the role of Taddeo, the old Italian man in this comedy that will open the new Ópera de Tenerife season.

Mexican Álvarez trained at Conservatorio de Las Rosas and at Escuela Nacional de Música. He has heard about the work being done in Tenerife and has “great expectations regarding the artistic level of Ópera de Tenerife”. Sicilian Gianni Giuga graduated from Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica Giusto Monaco and does not hesitate to say that Opera (e)Studio “is one of the most sought-after and interesting theatrical opportunities in Europe for an opera singer”.

Regarding the academic experience that is to start shortly at Auditorio de Tenerife, Jorge Eleazar hopes to “grow artistically, professionally and as a human being”, and trusts that the Ópera de Tenerife team “will lead us to reach the very best level in the opera”. Gianni Giuga’s opinion is backed by “the experience of many friends who have come to the audition, have worked or studied in Tenerife in the past years”. This led him to make the decision to take part this year, which involves his “artistic and professional growth”.

About The Italian in Algiersthe Mexican highlights “the balance of beauty and comedy”, confirming that “it is a master piece we must all bear in mind”. The Italian does not fall short of praise and says it is “the paradise of opera buffa”, achieved thanks to “the dizzying complex colours, apart from quick textures for all the characters and voice registers”.

Regarding the role of Taddeo they are performing, Álvarez says that the most difficult aspect is “the great contrast in nuances in terms of music, performance and drama”, describing the character as “key in the plot and acting as a relief for the audience”. Giuca points out that this title “offers opportunity for voice and musical growth” mentioning “the particular phrasing necessary to better understand and perform the different peculiarities”.

Regarding possible future projects, Gianni Giuga clings on to “the ambition of singing and studying as much as possible”. As an admirer of the Italian composer he admits that one of his near future projects is “to reaffirm himself as a Rossini baritone”, Tenerife being “a great opportunity to carry it out”. When it comes to thinking of future characters, “Figaro, in The Barber of Seville and Dandini, in Cinderella, “represent me emotionally”, although he admits “he does not want to restrict himself to just one repertoire” and so he hopes “to be successful” when he sings everything the quality of his voice is fit for.

Jorge Elezazar has a similar opinion, stating that he would like to perform “everything” and leaves his voice to determine his career. He also says that one of his dreams is to cross the pond in order to “enter the professional European market, calmly and intelligently”. To accomplish this, he wishes to “grow with every rehearsal and performance until he achieves excellence”.

Both singers are arriving in Tenerife next week to take part in the sixth Opera (e)Studio, made up of thirteen singers. They will all benefit from a process of comprehensive artistic improvement, under the direction of Giulio Zappa, and that culminates with four performances of The Italian in Algiers, to be held at Sala Sinfónica of Auditorio de Tenerife from 25 to 28 October. This is the first time Nikolas Maximilian Nägele is the musical director for Ópera de Tenerife while Giorgia Guerra is the stage manager.