Canarias Jazz Showroom turns ten and offers seventeen concerts across different islands to mark the occasion. To round it off, they will close the tour at Café Berlín in Madrid on 24 November. Four of their shows are to be held on 6 and 7 October at Sala de Cámara and the foyer at Auditorio de Tenerife, where Barreiro Project, Atcheré, CJS Reunion and Nicotine Swing are playing live. They are also publishing a record to showcase jazz made in the Canary Islands. During the concert on Sunday, 7th they will be giving awards to the most outstanding performances of previous years.

The Sala de Cámara at Auditorio is welcoming on Saturday, 6th at 7:30 pm Barreiro Project, a quintet led by Aarón Barreiro, a Canarian musician living in Barcelona, who have just published their first record, Good vibes. Their repertoire is a mixture of original music with a touch of jazz, black music, hip-hop, soul and R&B. The maturity of their interpretation contrasts with the age of the members of the group ranging from 20 to 25. After Barreiro’s concert, the foyer is hosting Atcheré, who are presenting their record Mestizo at 9:00 pm. The group, which is one of the best Latin jazz-fusion bands in the Canaries, have five records in the market and their repertoire is made up of original compositions. Their style is a cocktail of sounds including Latin rhythms, mainly Cuban and Brazilian, funk and jazz.

The concerts on Sunday 7th start at Sala de Cámara at 7:30 pm with  CJS Reunion, a project that was set up to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Canarias Jazz Showroom. The octet is made up of some of the best jazz musicians on the Islands: Kike Perdomo, Ramón Díaz, Idafe Pérez, David Quevedo, Tana Santana, Norberto Arteaga, Marcos Pérez, Yossi Itskovich and singer Esther Ovejero. Their repertoire pays tribute to the best groups that have played in the festival. The last concert of the 10th Canarias Jazz Showroom at Auditorio de Tenerife will take place at the foyer at 9:00 pm by Nicotine Swing, a group of swing/gipsy jazz set up in Tenerife in 2007 who is very well-liked by Canarian audiences. Their record Nuevo, presented at Canarias Jazz Showroom last year, was awarded best jazz record 2017 in the Canaries.