The Festival Canarias Jazz Showroom, directed by musician Kike Perdomo turns 10 and sets up CJS Reunion to mark the occasion. They are also publishing a record, offering seventeen concerts, four of which are held at Auditorio de Tenerife, and giving awards to the most outstanding jazz projects in the Canaries: the Premios Archipiélago al Jazz y la Música Moderna [Jazz & Modern Music Archipelago Awards].

The octet CJS Reunion was created as a tribute to the great jazz figures on the islands and is giving its first concert at 7:30 pm on Sunday at Sala de Cámara in Auditorio de Tenerife. The group is made up of seasoned musicians, leaders of jazz bands, like Kike Perdomo, Ramón Díaz, Idafe Pérez, David Quevedo, Tana Santana, Norberto Arteaga, Marcos Pérez, Yossi Itskovich and singer Esther Ovejero. Their repertoire includes pieces of the different bands members have been part of but they have also arranged songs from other Canarian jazz projects.

After the concert by CJS Reunion, awards will be given in four different categories: honorary prize for music career, prize for best original project, prize for best composition and prize for best soloist.  “Many projects have taken part in the festival throughout these ten years and we don’t want them to be forgotten, that’s why we thought of organising these awards”, Kike Perdomo explained.

On the other hand, the commemorative record will promote projects that have been at the festival. It will have 45 themes by different groups and in different styles, from classic to modern jazz, including Latin and fusion. “We’d like it to be a compilation, a catalogue of sorts so that when you listen to it, you get the idea of what jazz in the Canaries is like”, revealed the founder of Canarias Jazz Showroom, who is positive that “when you listen to it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its level”.

More than one hundred projects have been on the stages of the Canarias Jazz Showroom. Its organisers are happy with the number because “the festival was set up to defend the value of Canarian artists as opposed to other festivals and we are having more and more new projects which are doing really well in mainland Spain”, Perdomo explained.

The Sala de Cámara at Auditorio is welcoming on Saturday, 6th at 7:30 pm Barreiro Project, a quintet led by Aarón Barreiro, a Canarian musician living in Barcelona, who have just published their first record, Good vibes. After Barreiro’s concert, the foyer is hosting Atcheré, who are presenting their record Mestizo at 9:00 pm. The group, which is one of the best Latin jazz-fusion bands in the Canaries, have five records in the market.

The concerts on Sunday 7th start at Sala de Cámara at 7:30 pm with  CJS Reunion, a project that was set up to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Canarias Jazz Showroom. The last concert of the 10th Canarias Jazz Showroom at Auditorio de Tenerife will take place at the foyer at 9:00 pm by Nicotine Swing, a group of swing/gipsy jazz whose record Nuevo, presented at Canarias Jazz Showroom last year, was awarded best jazz record 2017 in the Canaries.

Tickets for the concert taking place at Sala de Cámara are available through Auditorio de Tenerife usual sale channels, at the box office from 10:00 am to  7:30 pm, Monday to Saturday; here or by phone on 902 317 327.