Festival Internacional de las Artes del Movimiento (FAM) and Festival de Tenerife are taking over the streets of Santa Cruz on Friday, 9th with open-air dance performances. The first one is by Basque company LASALA, in Plaza Ireneo González at 6:00 pm. Festival de Tenerife’s “Luz de farol” is starting at 9:00 pm in Plaza de Presidencia del Gobierno de Canarias.

In the piece by LASALA performers Jaiotz Osa and Garazi Etxaburu, dance following the motto of the piece: “Nosotros, en un mundo de sombras respirando luz” [Us, in a world of shadows breathing light]. The 16-minute piece is part of the Acieloabierto national tour and its choreography is by Judith Argomaniz with music by Arvo Part, Acid Ghost, George Frideric Handel and Deep Frieze.

Luz de farol”, whose first part took place in La Laguna on 4th October, is now coming to Santa Cruz de Tenerife with three new proposals by Canarian dancers who are inspired by urban street lamps. This Festival de Tenerife production starts in Plaza de Presidencia del Gobierno de Canarias with Isabel Mora. It then goes on to Puente Serrador, where Raquel Jara Domínguez will start dancing at 9:15 pm. Finally, Daniel Morales will perform a piece for the first time in Plaza Isla de la Madera, outside Teatro Guimerá at 9:30 pm. The idea and its development are by the performers chosen by Festival de Tenerife and Asociación de Artistas del Movimiento PiedeBase [Movement Artists Association], and are coordinated by Laura Marrero.