The Festival Internacional de las Artes del Movimiento (FAM) is putting on the dance show Labranza, inspired by rural life, in Casa Los Zamorano in Tegueste on 11th November at 12:00 midday. The Dispositivo Labranza has been put together for this show; it is a workshop by the company Colectivo Lamajara Danza, in which some twenty participants will work with the dancers to take part in the performance on Sunday. Admission is free.

Labranza, performed by Paloma Hurtado, Reinaldo Ribeiro and Daniel Rosado, portrays the countryside, its people and their everyday tasks. This proposal, thought out so that every individual can contemplate their rural identity, will immerse viewers in a rural environment packed with action. The vignettes faithfully portray the genuine everyday life of country folk and are backed by old-time stories whose simplicity are the driving force of the milieu and charge it with identity.  

The “Dispositivo Labranza” workshop started on Monday, 5th and will go on till Friday afternoon at Sala Castillo in Auditorio de Tenerife. The dancers work with the participants, who enrolled free of charge, through different stage and body movement games, using elements like wooden poles and learning the choreographies for the show. The aim of the group is to provide a stage structure that takes social and professional dance through a creative process that starts from the search of possible similarities of farmers and artists, and aims for the participants to act from the concept deep in the countryside.

Lamajara Danza is a group of artists who share the same interests in the language of the body and its ability of expression. This organisation has generated artistic work from experiencing physical work and everyday farmer duties to turn it into the language of movement of contemporary dance.