For the first time, the Coro Juvenil de Auditorio de Tenerife [Auditorio Young Choir] is taking part in the Fiestas Lustrales in La Gomera, in the Encuentro de Corales [Choir Gathering] to be held on Saturday 10 November at Auditorio Insular Infanta Cristina.

Organised by Cantares Estudio Coral with the collaboration of San Sebastián Town Council and Cabildo Insular de La Gomera, the event includes choirs from across the Archipelago, coming from Gran Canaria, the Coro de Cámara del Colegio Oficial de Médicos, from La Palma la Coral Awara, and from Tenerife Coro Juvenil del Auditorio, in addition to the host choir Asociación Musical Cantares Estudio Coral Isla de La Gomera.

Directed by Roxana Schmunk, the Coro Juvenil de Auditorio de Tenerife is performing ‘Azul’, by Julio Domínguez on texts by Rafael Arozarena, ‘Arrorró’, traditional Canarian composition arranged by J.Durán; ‘Yo no quiero morirme’, arranged by Dante Andreo with texts by Elsa López; Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallellujah’, arranged by the group Pentatonix. In Schmunk’s words, “Coro Juvenil is honoured to have been invited to this Encuentro Coral. We are very happy to take part with other choir singers from different islands and we think it’s a great way to start the season as it’s motivating for the new members of Coro Juvenil and they can enjoy singing with other choirs too”.

All the groups together will be performing the song “Gomera” from a poem by Pedro García Cabrera and music by Joan Manuel Serrat.

Las Fiestas Lustrales de La Gomera in honour of the Virgen de Guadalupe started in July and the Bajada de la Patrona [procession of the Virgin] took place on 8 October. Activities will go on till 28 November.

Encuentro Coral La Gomera