At 11:30 am on Sunday, the 3rd Auditorio de Tenerife welcomes a concert of this year’s Primavera Musical series, organized by the Federación tinerfeña de bandas in collaboration with Cabildo of Tenerife. A total of 1,650 musicians will play at Sala de Cámara in twelve different concerts to take place on different days until 16 June. Admission to all the concerts is free.

The first concert is by Asociación Cultural y Recreativa Unión Musical Aida, from San Andrés, a village in the municipality of Santa Cruz. The band is made up of 30 musicians led by Juan Alexis González Rodríguez; it is followed by Asociación Musical La Esperanza, from La Guancha, with 50 performers under the baton of Jesús Agomar González Guillama; and finally, Asociación Musical Las Candelas, from Candelaria, which includes 80 musicians and Mauro Fariña Alonso as conductor.

The San Andrés band repertoire includes Amunt Pirris, by Ferrer Ferrán; Medley Boleros, by Utrera/Menéndez, A. Laña and L. Barcelata arranged by J. Molina; Jacob de Haan’s Lorraine; and Raquel Alario, by Ferrer Ferrán. This group was founded in 1981 by Vicente Esteban Fariña Fariña, a musician and composer from Arafo. They perform in different villages and districts in Tenerife at processions, passacaglia, concerts, competitions, etc.

It is then the turn of the musicians from La Guancha, who are playing the paso doble Pepita Greus, by Pascual Pérez Chovi; Eric Whitacre’s The Seal Lullaby; and Imperator Carlomagno (Fantasía), by Pere Sanz Alcover. Agrupación Musical La Esperanza was set up in 1924. It is run by Patronato de Música XVIII de Enero and Escuela Municipal de La Guancha.

Lastly, Las Candelas will go on stage to play Concerto for Orchestra and Two Trombones (Wind Band Version), by Ricardo Mollá, featuring Dede Decker and Kike Sosa Yanes as soloists; Give Us This Day, by David Maslanka; they will close with Agustín Ramos’s Santa Cruz en Carnaval. This musical project was started by Candelaria Town Council, under the leadership of Abilio Alonso Otazo. They did their first performance at Easter in 1976.