Auditorio de Tenerife’s resident dance company, Lava, features in the programme of dFeria, la feria de teatro y danza de San Sebastián, in the Basque Country.  They are performing the first pieces of their repertoire, Bending the walls and Beyond, tomorrow, Tuesday, the 12th at 8:00 pm at Teatro Victoria Eugenia. Cabildo de Tenerife’s Island Director for Culture, José Luis Rivero, and Lava’s artistic director, Daniel Abreu (Premio Nacional de Danza 2014, 3 MAX awards 2018), revealed the details of Lava’s first performance outside the Islands, at a press conference where Norka Chiapuso,  dFeria’s director, was also present.

José Luis Rivero explained that “at Auditorio de Tenerife  we’ve been working on contemporary dance for 15 years and have created steady structures within what we call  Tenerife Danza: Lava company, the Pedagogical Unit, and Danza en Comunidad”. The goals established by Lava, which premiered last December, include giving value to Canarian dance and insisting on working choreographic languages which have not been quite relevant as far”, he stated.

Daniel Abreu said that “it’s a pleasure to present these two pieces at dFeria”. Lava’s artistic director pointed out that “Bending the Walls, by Fernando Hernando Magadan, is about psychological resistance expressed through a very technical, clean language, displayed from a purity that is most often linked to the great European companies; and in Beyond, La Intrusa’s approach is as if they walked into a science fiction film, while they try to make a narrative full of different textures, which have to do with the difficulties of being”. “We’ll see two very different stories and their difference will surprise the audience”, Daniel Abreu revealed.

Bending the walls, by Fernando Hernando Magadan, current head of Nederlands Dans Theater 2, is a production of KorzoTheater and NDT. It is an exploration on the world of restrictions and limitations in the search for happiness, freedom and understanding: the physical and psychological limits within the self and the surrounding world. Bending the walls will be performed by Luis Agorreta, Javier Arozena, Emiliana Battista Marino, Dácil González, Amanda Rubio and Virginia Martín.

On the other hand, Beyond, by La Intrusa company, winner of Premio Nacional de Danza 2015, is the work of Virginia García and Damián Muñoz. The piece deals with the experience of searching through the emotional landscapes of memory, presenting a scenario full of uncertainties, which forces us to create or reflect on our own life. Luis Agorreta, Javier Arozena, Emiliana Battista Marino, Samuel Déniz, Amanda Rubio, Virginia Martín and Alicia Pirez are the dancers of Beyond.

Lava dance company is part of the Tenerife Danza programme, which is the umbrella project for all the dance schemes organised by Cabildo de Tenerife through the Tenerife 2030 strategy, under the project Instituto de Artes Escénicas de Tenerife [Tenerife Performing Arts Institute].

Lava is the artistic, creative side of Tenerife Danza, and it is an Auditorio de Tenerife resident company under the artistic direction of Daniel Abreu, who lends his creative view to new productions. The company will also welcome other national and international choreographers to perform a wide-ranging repertoire that includes pieces of different sizes and for different types of venues.

Dancers undergo high-performance physical training in classes of classical technique and contemporary languages with the different guest choreographers or masters, depending on the needs of their repertoire.