The tenth day of the Primavera Musical series is bringing together 48 musicians from four island bands next Sunday, the 26th at 11:30 am. The event, which is organised by Tenerife Band Federation with the collaboration of Cabildo de Tenerife, features the following music associations: San Pedro, La Victoria, José Reyes Martín and Puerto de la Cruz. Admission is free.

The paso doble Pedro y Juan Bautista, by Pedro Joaquín Francés Sanjuán opens the repertoire of Asociación Musical San Pedro from El Sauzal. Its 30 musicians will go on to play Mountains of Fire (Feuerberge), by Markus Gotz, Gloria (Christian march) by Pedro Joaquín Francés Sanjuán. The group is conducted by Francisco Guijarro Gutiérrez, and Will end their performance with Ernesto Lecuona’s Malagueña, arranged by Michael Sweeney.

Asociación Musical La Victoria has 35 interpreters who Will first play paso doble Música y vinos, by Manuel Morales. Then, Auditorio de Tenerife’s Sala de Cámara will be filled with the sound of Pascual Piqueras’s De Cai, de. Under the baton of Juan Antonio Domenech Flores, the group ends their live performance Aralk' (Christian march), by Francisco Valor Llorens.

Granadilla de Abona’s Asociación Musical José Reyes Martín will come on stage to interpret Jacob de Hayan’s Concierto D’Amore. Conducted by Pedro González Flores, the 40 musicians Will then deliver Slavonic Dances, by Antonin Dvorak. Os Passaron do Brasil, by Kees Vlak, is the theme they chose to close their repertoire.

The tenth session of Primavera Musical will be closed by Asociación Musical Puerto de la Cruz, who has 43 musicians. They will start with Juani Cantero’s Pan y Vino, and go on with Katiusk, by Sorozabal. The band, which is led by Francisco Jairo Cabrera Estévez, will put an end to the concert with Man in the ice by Otto Schwarz.