“Metamorfosis”, the performing arts group of Sociedad Insular para la Promoción de las Personas con Discapacidad (Sinpromi), is starring on Tuesday, the 9th in ‘El desenterrador de palabras’, an activity of Cabildo’s Laboratorio de Artes Vivas Tenerife LAV. The Adrián Alemán de Armas Municipal Library in La Laguna welcomes the event at 11:00 am. Admission free.

‘El desenterrador de palabras’ [Unearthing words] is a project to create and research on the body and words, focusing on the word, in its corpology and its relationship with the body and action. As its name suggests, it is a gadget-tool to unearth words in both literal and figurative uses.

Metamorfosis -made up of people who have been diagnosed with serious mental health disorders- started its stage and audio-visual work in 2016, with the help of Beatriz Bello and a proposal that was fostered and supported by Sinpromi, and they are now closing their third season.

Beatriz Bello explains that “as a result of the collaboration with Tenerife LAV and La Laguna Library we unearth the group’s deep desire to untangle the words we consist of”. And we’ll do so from open, critical thinking, ready to listen to what lies beneath the words we use and that use us”. We’re ready to dig and dig ourselves out, in the conviction that whatever we find will help us complete what we mean”.

The members of Metamorfosis are interested in learning tools for stage and audio-visual creation. They work at La Laguna Municipal Library, where they have previously participated in activities like “Dejarse leer”. This year they have been visited by different resident artists of Tenerife LAV, through the project “Encuentros en la periferia”. Up till now, the group has been more interested in the creative process as a means to learn and a tool rather than as exhibition.

In November 2014 Tomás Aragay and Sofía Asencio, of Societat Doctor Alonso, brought to Laboratorio de Artes Vivas ‘El desenterrador de palabras’, a work that left a deep impression on the audience at Teatro Leal and on the project and its lines of action and programming.

This tool works with words which are no longer used, or whose meaning has changed, those referring to the ethical and moral system, taboos, and with simple words whose apparent harmlessness conceals deep layers of meaning. The corpology of words is that property they have to not only create and point at the physical world but also to generate an ethical world, a political system, and a social order.

This project looks into the close and changing relationship between words and their use and the actions deriving from them. It is a two-way relationship that gives meaning to the way we inhabit the world.