Auditorio de Tenerife is hosting nine performance of  The Addams Family musical from 28 December to 4 January. The details of the show on the island were revealed today, Wednesday the 30th by the Culture Councillor of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Concepción Rivero; the head of External Relations of LETSGO production company, Cristina de Póo; and the leading actors Carmen Conesa and Lydia Fairén, who play the roles of Morticia and Wednesday, respectively.

The Councillor for Culture welcomed The Addams Family team and said that “it’s an honour to have this production by LETSGO, which has been acclaimed in the best theatres in Spain”. “The production has been touring since 2017 and is reaching the island at Christmas with nine performances”, Concepción Rivero explained.

Cristina de Póo thinks that Tenerife “is a wonderful island and that’s why we always bring our productions, we love being here”. The head of LETSGO stated that “I’m very fond of this show because we’ve worked with it very carefully from the start and transferring the musical to Spanish culture has proven to be a good move, apart from the stress we’ve placed on stage design and costumes”.

Carmen Conesa is delighted to be in Tenerife, the musical’s first destination in the Canaries. “Whenever we reach a place, we make a splash of it with four containers and 50 people including actors, musicians, technicians and the production team”, the actor playing Morticia explained. “We promise a horribly unforgettable evening and we hope to win over the Tenerife audience, as we’ve already done in 25 cities”, she concluded.

Lydia Fairén said that the story in this musical has nothing to do with that of the comics, Tv series or films. “This Wednesday is a bit different because she’s now 18 and she’s in love; the problem is he’s an ordinary boy and they decide to break the news to their families getting them together in a wonderfully horrible dinner”. Although it’s a family show, Fairén explains that “the humour is quite like that of The Simpsons”.

Tickets can be bought via the usual sale channels of Auditorio de Tenerife: at the box office from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Saturday except holidays; via  or calling 902 317 327. For the performances on 29th and 30th December there is a temporary 20 percent off on standard tickets or a four for three deal.

In the world of The Addams Family being sad means being happy, foolishness is sensible, feeling pain equals joy, being imprudent is prudent and death and suffering are the stuff dreams are made of.  However, this peculiar family is about to face one of the spookiest nightmares common to every parent: the children are growing up.

For hundreds of years, Gómez and Morticia have tried to keep the truly special and unique Addams values, but however much they wish to go on living in that harmony, something quite unexpected is going to happen: their macabre and dear daughter Wednesday has fallen in love with Lucas Beineke, a sweet, loving, and intelligent boy from a “normal”, respectable Ohio family. No one does really approve of the couple but to make matters even worse, Wednesday has invited the Beinekes to dinner.

The audience will see an ill-fated, ominous, and hilarious evening at the Addams’s, where the best-kept secrets will be revealed, relationships, love affairs and friendships will be under scrutiny and the whole of the Addams family -ancestors included- will be forced to face the one single terrible thing they have managed to avoid for generations: change.

Apart from Conesa and Fairén, the cast includes Xavi Mira in the role of Gómez; Frank Capdet, who plays uncle Fester; Meritxell Duró is the grandmother; Alejandro Mesa, in the role of Pugsley; Fabio Arrante is Lucas Beineke; Eva María Cortés plays Alice Beineke; Andrés Navarro as Malcom Beineke, and Javier Canales is butler Lurch.

The show, that puts on stage the characters created by illustrator Charles Addams, is directed by Esteve Ferrer and produced by LETSGO (who has also produced titles like Dirty Dancing, The Hole, The Hole 2 and The Hole Zero) with their characteristic special effects.

The comedy, based on Brickmann and Elice’s libretto, includes music by Andrew Lippa. Touring started at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts Oriental Theatre in Chicago in 2009 and went on to the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Broadway in 2010, where it was hugely successful.

Known through the 1960s TV adaptation, The Addams Family hit the big screen in 1991 and since then there have been many film adaptations of this peculiar family.

In Spain, the musical premiered on 5 October 2017 at Teatro Calderón in Madrid with a top national cast and a staging to match up with this great family. Since then, they have toured across mainland Spain and have even returned to Madrid before travelling to the Canaries at Christmas 2019 and early 2020.