Auditorio de Tenerife’s Escuela Coral and Coro Juvenil are getting together on Sunday, the 8th at 6:00 pm to give a concert to celebrate the World Choral Day, which is already sold out. The programme is made up by compositions representing love, happiness, culture, hope and fraternity. It ends with Peter Hope’s arrangement of the popular Canarian song Una sobre el mismo mar, by Benito Cabrera, performed by a great choir that includes all the students of the Escuela.

This year the Escuela Coral de Tenerife joins the Coro Juvenil, who in 2018 read the proclamation in different languages. They have managed to bring together three times more choral singers than in its first two years, reaching more than 300 choralists. This is the first engagement in the history of the Escuela apart from their usual end of the year concert.

“We hope the concert is festive” said Roxana Schmunk, director of both projects who, with the help of some of the Escuela teachers, has put a lot of work into preparing this concert since the start of the season. This is the “perfect opportunity to get together all these choral singers, children, young people, adults, in a special concert that endorses choral singing as an instrument of peace and hope”, the director said.

This initiative, with 72 countries joining in this year, was set up by the International Federation for Choral Music in 1990 to commemorate the end of the First World War. Choirs from around the world take part in it and are invited to hold an event that includes reading their proclamation, appealing to the union represented by singing as opposed to the harshness of war.