The dance company resident at Auditorio de Tenerife Lava Compañía de Danza is performing at 6:30 pm tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd at MADferia, the performing arts fair held at Matadero Madrid. Also, on Saturday, the 25th the group led by Daniel Abreu (Premio Nacional de Danza 2014) is travelling to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Teatro Guiniguada where they will perform the choreography Beyond at 8:30 pm.

At MADferia, the performing arts fair that has been held in Madrid every year since 2004, Lava will dance their latest double programme, which was put on in December 2019. The show was purposefully created for the company while two internationally renowned choreographers were staying on the island: Israeli Roy Assaf and South Korean Dongkyu Kim.

Dongkyu Kim, who worked on the island with his assistants Nara Yoon and Jiho Jang, also a composer, says that “we all make our own sound”. That’s why in Yalacha “sound doesn’t come from the mouth but from life: I live my own life and I make my own sound through the sound of others but, what sound do you make? he wonders. The piece is part of the Jisoo Gook Laboratory Dance Project

For his part, Roy Assaf -who had the assistance of associate artist Ariel Freedman- advises “while watching Hush I encourage you to ignore the unswerving temptation of seeking for the plot; refuse the stubborn need to understand, trust your instinct -being honest and sincere about it- and follow your tender heart, that has a great capacity for imagination”.

MADferia combines the exhibition of the latest performing arts creations in the country with activities related to reflection and providing a meeting point for professionals. It is organised by ARTEMAD Asociación de Empresas Productoras de Artes Escénicas de Madrid and is a member of COFAE Coordinadora de Ferias y Artes Escénicas del Estado español.

Beyond is one of the earliest pieces in Lava’s repertoire and it was premiered in December 2018. It has been chosen to open the annual dance programme of the Teatro Guiniguada, which is run by the Government of the Canary Islands.

It was created by La intrusa’s Virginia García and Damián Muñoz, Premio Nacional de Danza 2015, who worked with the Lava dancers in the autumn of 2018. Beyond deals with the experience of searching through the emotional landscapes of memory, presenting a scenario full of uncertainties, which forces us to create or reflect on our own life and on the landscape every individual shapes for themselves either consciously or unconsciously.

Lava Compañía de Danza is a company resident at Auditorio de Tenerife, a cultural centre under the Cabildo de Tenerife. It was set up in 2018 as a result of the commitment with contemporary creation. It focuses on developing a repertoire of works by internationally renowned artists.

Its artistic director from the start has been Tenerife-born dancer and creator Daniel Abreu (Premio Nacional de Danza 2014) with Dácil González (Premio Nacional de Danza 2019) as assistant director plus Auditorio de Tenerife’s team.

Six dancers with a strong presence on the stage, technically sound and versatile bring the creations to life. The different choreographies share a contemporary dance language and other codes of today’s artistic discourse. Physicality, poetry and commitment.

The company’s repertoire includes works by Fernando Magadan, Roy Assaf, Dongkyu Kim, Paloma Hurtado, La Intrusa or Daniel Abreu, which are high quality, original pieces beautifully put together.

These pieces enrichen and share the curiosity of the existing audience while engaging new audiences through the experience of dance and its context.