This week the Laboratorio de Artes Vivas Tenerife LAV [Tenerife Live Arts Lab] starts its first residence at the Espacio La Granja, a space in Tenerife capital city that is managed by the Government of the Canary Islands. Creator, choreographer and choral singer Amalia Fernández and performer, choreographer and creator who has trained in dancing Juan Domínguez have met again on the island 12 years after their last work together. Both artists will be working on their project Entre tú y yo [Between you and me] throughout February.

The first public activity of this residence of Auditorio de Tenerife’s project, whose founder and main funder is the Cabildo de Tenerife, through its department of Culture, Education, Youth and Sport led by Concepción Rivero, is taking place tomorrow [Thursday] at the Biblioteca Municipal de La Laguna Adrián Alemán. The event is entitled “Dejarse leer” and in it Fernández will read some passages of A la conquista del cuerpo equivocado, by Miquel Missé, published by Colección G.

Entre tú y yo is a circumstance, a situation, different things put together that have allowed Amalia Fernández and Juan Domínguez to meet again and devote time and space to the very fact of getting together for the second time. The starting point is Shichimi Togarashi (2006), their earlier and first work together. At present, 12 years have gone by full of personal, professional, political, public, and private experiences that have shaped them both as individuals and as artists.

Shichimi Togarashi was the first time they met, they got to know each other personally and creatively and shared their knowledge and imagery; it was also a chance to understand how to do something between two individuals. “There was some kind of deformed harmony and the wish to understand and be the other”, the artists explained. They will be showing the processes of their new work on Wednesday the 26 at La Granja. The time is to be confirmed.