We know it’s difficult to let your imagination run wild being with the little ones for so long in the same place: your home. That’s why Auditorio de Tenerife also thinks about families and tries to bring its Education & Social Department right to your living-room.

To begin with, we thought it would be good fun to work with the protagonists of 'Eti-Queta', a show of Tenerife Danza’s Learning Section. Here are some suggestions of things to do with the kids. 

Let’s dance together!


Create coloniavirus cologne


A lab at home


Robot kids


Positive breakdancing 


We also have exercises to do at home. Ópera en Familia suggests colouring our Pulgarcito [Tom Thumb].

Download here! 

Danza en Comunidad makes available to everybody one of their sessions in full so that you can feel the wellbeing movement provides and develop your creative skills too.

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Take care of yourself and your loved ones. We’ll meet again soon.