Saturday 25 April was the date we had chosen to show our Rinaldo to you all, an Ópera de Tenerife in-house production that we had put together to be enjoyed by all the family, as well as by schoolchildren on 23 April. We had to put off our meeting, but we didn’t want to let these days go by without paying tribute to this production, which was premiered in 2016 and where so many, many people have worked.

First of all, we’d like you to travel to Rinaldo oneiric world with this sample of the show:


Pay attention to the details: the floor is a chessboard, there is a Medieval castle, a Viking boat that sails through mid-air, the black and white contrast, a journey across the clouds…

  • Rinaldo1
  • Rinaldo10
  • Rinaldo2
  • Rinaldo4
  • Rinaldo3
  • Rinaldo5
  • Rinaldo6
  • Rinaldo7
  • Rinaldo8
  • Rinaldo9

    We’ve opted for focusing on the characters, that’s why the make-up artist, costume designer and dressmaker, who made the ideas of director Stefania Panighini become a reality, tell us about them here. 


    How is this world staged? Stage director Stefania Panighini and musical director, Alesandro Palumbo told us all about it at a digital meeting we had during lockdown.


    Now that you know our Rinaldo well, we invite you to share it with your kids at home. Here are the teaching resources where you’ll find a lot of materials and fun activities about this family opera.

    Download the teaching resources

    1.Play Rinaldo’s most famous aria with the recorder.

    Download the score

    2. Find the words in these word search games.

    Download the word search game voices

    Download the word search game composers

    3.Colour the protagonists.

     Download Rinaldo to colour

    Download Almirena to colour


    Finally, we’d like to share with you something that brings us together to adapt operas for the youngest: the Ópera en Familia programme.


    We hope you had a good time. Remember we have many more contents for you  on our  social network and our  Youtube channel. If you like, you can also sign up to our newsletter below and get all these contents and more on your mail.

    We’ll meet again soon!