Fourteen musicians to perform the creations of seven young composers. Admission to this event is free


The Auditorio de Tenerife, a venue under the Cabildo de Tenerife’s Department of Culture run by councillor Enrique Arriaga, welcomes the concert “Estrenos de Composición” [Composition Premieres] by Tenerife students of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias on Sunday, the 13th at 7:30 pm, in the Sala de Cámara. Admission is free. 

Fourteen musicians will perform seven compositions to be played for the first time on Sunday, at this regular meeting with young talents. Students of the first, second and third years of Composition are taking part in the concert. 

The recital starts with the work by first year students: L’autunno, by Luigi Ciammariconi González; La inquietante vida del estudiante, by Basilio Gómez Navarro, and Evocaciones, by Felipe Ángel Hernández Ruiz.

Then comes the piece Batbin & Roman, penned by Jacob González Marrero, the flute and piano duo Volver a respirar by Adrián Denis Oliva Rodríguez and Piu by Tadeo Martín Ramos, all of whom are in the second year. Finally, Marta Hernández Yanes, of the third year, with her work Lázuli.

Fourteen musicians will play these composition premieres: Mario Alessandro Astone (cello), Rosa Elena Padilla Martín (viola), Francisco Jesús Espinel Gutiérrez (violin), Dario Marongiu (violin), Ángel Cortés Ramos (piano), Carmen Delia Perdomo Amaral (flute), Jesús Ignacio Lorenzo Santiago (tuba), Moisés del Rosario García (trombone), Keila Arocha Hernández (horn), Francisco José Rodríguez Afonso (trumpet), Adexe Guillermo Alayón Mora (trumpet), Ángel de Jesús Bermúdez Rodríguez (flute), Antonio Kabbabe (piano) and Helena Pozo Medina (piano).

Audience members are kindly asked to come to Auditorio early enough to enter the theatre gradually. You will be requested to give your personal details in compliance with the health authorities’ guidelines. Once the show has started, you cannot leave the theatre until it finishes. On buying the tickets, users accept the measures implemented at this Cabildo cultural centre to tackle COVID-19, such as wearing a face mask properly and at all times or coming only with people you live with. The full measures and the AENOR-certified contingency plan are available on Auditorio’s website. Both the GastroMag and the car park are open to the public.