The performances will be shown from the 3rd to the 6th of June, among others, a premier in the Canary Islands and two companies distinguished with the 'Premio Nacional de Danza’ Award.



The Auditorio de Tenerife is an institution linked to the Department of Culture of Tenerife Island Council that is managed by the island's Minister of Culture Enrique Arriaga. The institution presents the FAM 2021 edition (Arts of Movement Festival) comprised of 24 contemporary Spanish dance performances. The shows are scheduled from 3 to 6 June in several venues of Santa Cruz and La Laguna. Tickets are on sale here: After the special edition experienced during 2020, the FAM festival retakes the usual dates with shows that will take place in five different venues: Paraninfo de la Universidad de La Laguna, Espacio la Granja, Teatro Guimerá, Centro de Arte La Recova and Auditorio de Tenerife. 

Enrique Arriaga stresses that "the intensive programme is comprised of 24 shows by national companies. On this occasion, we have made a special emphasis on the Canary Islands’ proposals". He also highlights that "four performances will be offered to school children and social groups". The performances include a premier in the Canary Islands and two companies distinguished with the 'Premio Nacional de Danza’ award. Some twenty national and international programmers have been invited to watch all the shows in person and online.

During the kick-off day, six shows will be shown. The first performance titled ‘Ina’, by Paloma Hurtado and Daniela Morales is scheduled on 3 June at 10:00 a.m. in Paraninfo de la Universidad de La Laguna; the programme continues with DANCE, NO GOAL by Carlota Mantecón in the venue Espacio La Granja at 12:30. The island's school children will also have the chance to see both performances.

The evening programme starts with the Canary Islands première: Dosis de paraíso, by the Sharon Fridman Companya in Teatro Guimerá. This co-production of Auditorio de Tenerife can also be enjoyed in Madrid from 26 to 30 Maya at the theatre Teatros del Canal. The art centre 'Centro de Arte la Recova' (adjoining space of Teatro Guimerá) welcomes the duet Ruffle, from DeNada Dance Theatre, to its newly opened stage. 

The first day concludes with the puppets solo 'After the party' by Thomas Noone Dance, scheduled at 5:30 pm in the Auditorium's hall Sala Castillo. The last show titled Sintempo, by the flamenco dancer Sara Cano takes place at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium's Chamber Hall.

On Friday, 4 June at 10:00 am, the venue Paraninfo de la Universidad de La Laguna welcomes the show ‘El vuelo’ by Daniel Morales, a Canary Islands-born choreographer and dancer. At 12:30, Espacio La Granja hosts ‘La carne’, by Paula Quintana, which was premièred during the FAM 20 edition. Social groups will also enjoy both performances.

At 4:00 pm, the dance company 'La Quebrá' offers its show 'GET NO' at the Teatro Guimerá, while the show ‘Campo cerrado’ by Daniel Doña's company is scheduled at 5:00 pm in the Centro de Arte La Recova. At 5:30 pm, Auditorio de Tenerife welcomes the triptych ‘Cualquier mañana’, by Álvaro Esteban and Laura Aris in its hall Sala Castillo. The Chamber Hall offers the show Nocturne by Leonor Leal, scheduled from 7:00 pm on.

On Saturday, 5 June from 10:30 am on, Pau Arán brings his ‘Lettre d'amour’ to the venue Espacio La Granja.  At 12:00, the company 'La Intrusa', distinguished with the National Dance Award 2015, takes the stage of Teatro Guimerá with the show “It's a wrap (Kubrick is dead). At 5:00 pm, Auditorio de Tenerife hosts a double performance outdoors: ‘147 abrazos’, by the Sharon Fridman Company, and Laika, by Isabel Vázquez. The programme continues in the Chamber Hall at 6:30 pm with the show ‘La oscilante’, by Pol Jiménez. The last show ‘Trama’ by Roser López Espinosa, starts at 8:00 pm at the Auditorium's Symphony Hall. 

The FAM 2021 edition concludes with a family show scheduled on Sunday, 6 June. The performance ‘Petitdanza’, by the dance company of Natalia Medina, starts at 10:30 am in Espacio La Granja. On the other hand, Teatro Guimerá hosts at 12:00 ‘El hijo’, the last show by Daniel Abreu a Tenerife-born dancer and choreographer who won the 2014 National Dance Prize.

The afternoon session kicks off at 4:00 pm at the Auditorium's hall Sala Castillo with an exclusive session for programmers which is titled Work in Progress. During the session, several artists will show their latest works in progress: ‘Sutil’ by Laura Marrero, ‘Schwanengesang (Der Held)’, by Javier Arozena, ‘Tun/La’ by Carmen Macías and ‘La orilla de mi piel’ by Acerina Toledo.

The performance ‘Esto que tú ves’ by Javier Cuevas and Paula Quintana will take place outdoors of the Auditorium. At 7:00 pm, the Chamber Hall hosts ‘El pastor’, a co-production of Auditorio de Tenerife and the company Nómada, which was premièred during the FAM 20 edition. At 8:00 pm, this year's edition ends in the Symphonic Hall with the show ‘Kenophobia’, by the company Osa + Mujica.

Tickets are sold at a price of 2 to 8 euros through the website, where you can also find all the information about the shows. Each venue has implemented its own prevention measures against the pandemic, which can be consulted during the purchasing process.

FAM is sponsored by the INAEM (Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports) and the programmes ‘Danza a Escena’, are sponsored by the organisations 'Red Española de Teatros' and 'Circuito Acieloabierto'. Likewise, the Canary Islands Governments collaborates by offering the venue Espacio La Granja; the Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife by offering the theatre Teatro Guimerá and the University of La Laguna by offering the venue Paraninfo. This festival has obtained the EFFE Seal (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) granted by the European Union. The EFFE Seal is a quality distinction awarded to festivals with an artistic mission, a commitment to local communities, and a strategic vision at the European level.