The FAM 21 festival kicks off on Thursday the 3rd of June with six shows distributed among five venues 


Sharon Fridman's company presents her show 'Dosis de paraíso'. It is a co-production with Auditorio de Tenerife, an institution linked to the Department of Culture of Tenerife Island Council that is managed by the island's Minister of Culture Enrique Arriaga. The performance, which is part of the first day of the Festival de las Artes del Movimiento (FAM), takes place at the Teatro Guimerá, starting at 16:00.

This new creation of the director and choreographer Sharon Fridman is an exploration of love and relationships. During the performance, a dialogue with new technologies in search of emotional spaces is developed. The company has designed this 50 minutes’ show with smoke and strobe effects.

The FAM 21 edition kicks off with six shows. The first performance, 'Ina', takes place at 10:00 am in the Paraninfo de la Universidad de La Laguna, with Paloma Hurtado and Daniel Morales. 'Ina' focuses our gaze on the concept of light, that which we do not see but which shines brightly within us.

El Espacio La Granja, cultural space of the Canary Island's Government, welcomes Carlota Mantecón and her show 'DANCE, NO GOAL'; a co-production between Auditorio de Tenerife and the Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Slovenia. Carlota Mantecón, dancer and choreographer, presents this show with Canary and Slovenian dancers who are over 60 years old.

Ruffle, choreography by Carlos Pons Guerra, is inspired by cockfighting and Greco-Latin wrestling. This DeNada Dance Theatre performance can be enjoyed at the scenic venue Centro de Arte La Recova from 5:00 pm on. This bittersweet duo explores emotional aggression in homosexual relationships and the moments when our bedrooms become battle arenas. 'Ruffle' was choreographed in 2015 for Rambert, the UK's national dance company, and has toured internationally.

A man is sitting on a chair. He is thinking of past conversations and encounters. He is filtering and trying to differentiate the relevant from the insubstantial, remembering and reliving. The surprising appearance of his alter ego allows him to engage in a dialogue that is as intense as it is absurd. Truths, dreams and lies expressed with dance and a rebellious puppet. The proposal offered by Thomas Noone Dance in his show After the party can be seen in the Castillo Hall, Auditorio de Tenerife, from 5.30 p.m. onwards.

The first day of FAM 21 concludes at 19:00 with Sintempo, the second work by Sara Cano, which will be staged in the Chamber Hall of the Auditorio de Tenerife. It is a dance solo in which the choreographer seeks to create her own stage space She develops an anachronistic dance, made up of pasts, presents and futures, a dance without time... simply personal. Her choreographies combine Spanish and contemporary dance. It is a mixture of choreographic languages in a continuous process of searching for her own style.

Tickets are sold at a price of 2 to 8 euros through the website, where you can also find all the information about the shows. Each venue has implemented its own prevention measures against the pandemic, which can be consulted during the purchasing process. 

FAM is sponsored by the INAEM (Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports) and the programmes ‘Danza a Escena’, are sponsored by the organisations 'Red Española de Teatros' and 'Circuito Acieloabierto'. Likewise, the Canary Islands Governments collaborates by offering the venue Espacio La Granja; the Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife by offering the theatre Teatro Guimerá and the University of La Laguna by offering the venue Paraninfo. This festival has obtained the EFFE Seal (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) granted by the European Union. The EFFE Seal is a quality distinction awarded to festivals with an artistic mission, a commitment to local communities, and a strategic vision at the European level.