The tickets for Saturday's family concert are sold out



The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra launched today [Wednesday 17] its seasonal educational programme with the event Memory. The programme offers concerts for more than 350 schoolchildren this week. It will culminate on Saturday [20th] with a double family event, which is already sold out.

The first session was attended by students from the Nursery and Primary Schools Las Chumberas (La Laguna), Melchor Núñez Tejera (Tegueste), Miguel Pintor (Santa Cruz) and the bilingual school Mayco (La Laguna). Tomorrow [Thursday 18], the Auditorium will welcome 117 schoolchildren from the schools Virgen del Mar and Montessori, both in Santa Cruz. The same programme will be offered in Los Silos on the 18th at 5:30 p.m. to inaugurate the storytelling Festival "Festival del Cuento". The last school session takes place in the Auditorium's Chamber Hall on Friday and will be attended by 125 schoolchildren that come from the schools Bajos and Tagoro (La Victoria), Pérez Zamora (Los Realejos), and Villa de Arico.

Enrique Arriaga stresses that “this initiative is part of the commitment of our Department of Culture to offer a first-class cultural programme available to the whole of society; in this specific case, to its youngest members".

Memory offers excerpts from suites numbers 1 and 2 of ‘The Wand of Youth’, by Edward Elgar's with a string quartet, which is integrated by the following members of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra: Dorota Kwiecinska (violin), Yolanda Reyes Bartlet (violin), Brett Kronewitter (viola) and Johana Kegel (cello). Likewise, the storyteller Ana Hernández Sanchiz and the circus artist El Gran Rufus tell children the story of Edward, a mature circus performer who has the worries and weariness of an adult, but who revives childhood moments through the games and treasures he finds among old belongings. Those memories, dreams and emotions will bring back the sparkle and shine of that time with a real magic wand: the music.

When Edward Elgar (1857-1934) was twelve years old, he wrote some songs to accompany a play he was going to perform with the rest of the children in his family. He wrote down those songs in a sketchbook and recovered those sketches forty years later to create his two orchestral suites. That's why he numbered them as opus 1 a/b, a memory of those first songs that outlived time.

This educational programme is proposed by the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra with the collaboration of the Educational and Social Programme of Auditorio de Tenerife. It finishes this Saturday with two performances: the first of them is for families with children under three years of age and the second one is for families with children over three years of age. The tickets for these performances are sold out. Accreditation of the child's age will be requested at access to the hall by presenting the ID card or family book.