The introduction of music and the return of people in person are the main new additions for this edition of the programme


The Auditorio de Tenerife is a cultural space linked to the Department of Culture of Tenerife Island Council and managed by the island's Minister of Culture Enrique Arriaga. It presents its 2021-2022 catalogue of shows for the sixth edition of the programme Theatre at School. The schools on the island can submit their requests choosing between these ten selected shows and creative processes from today (Monday 21) up until 11 March. 

The new edition of this activity by the Educational and Social Department of the Auditorium introduces the musical offering, which joins the dance, the theatre and the arts of movement. It also returns to having people in person, which it had lost in order to guarantee the continuity of the last edition. The selected proposals, which will reach classrooms between March and June 2022 in the form of one hundred activities, are divided up according to educational levels, that is, pre-school, primary and secondary education and Baccalaureate or training cycles.

The Auditorio de Tenerife will provide teachers with a teaching guide so they can do work beforehand in class and optimise the educational possibilities of the programme. Information for schools about the process of requesting works is provided in the catalogue itself, available here.

For pre-school, ‘El sonido de los colores’ by Contando Ando & Co., ‘El ratoncito Pérez y la ratita presumida’ by Milagrosa Torres are on offer. As for Primary, ‘The pestoff’, by Clownbaret; ‘La musa pelusa en buscar de escritor’, by Zálatta Teatro, and ‘Los secretos de mi paraguas’, by Antonio Conejo have been selected. The shows selected for the secondary school are ‘¡Valientes!’ by Burka Teatro; ‘Sincerely, me’, by Mandrágora Laboratorio Cultural, and ‘Liso, estriado, liso’, by Vector de Ideas. Lastly, ‘Manos mojadas’, by Mon Peraza, and ‘Reteatrando Las meninas’, by Timaginas Teatro, are the proposals for the Baccalaureate and training cycles.

The program ‘Theatre at School’ aims to promote stage and musical languages to students within their own educational context link academic aspects to the professional context of performing arts in the Canaries, laying the foundations to encourage the socialisation of students within the school space, through cultural activities, and in turn promote the all-round development of pupils, as the companies stage works adapted to curricular needs.

Other objectives involve integrating other artistic languages associated with literature, using gestures and the voice through the use of poetic and narrative texts as dramatic expression. Lastly, the aim is for pupils to discover authors and their texts while analysing their structure.