A maximum of 22 dance, theatre, movement arts and musical projects will be selected to work with schools on the island


Theatre, dance, movement art companies and music groups on the island can now register for the new edition of Theatre at School. The programme of the Island Council, which is managed through the Auditorio deTenerife, will select a maximum of 22 companies and music groups to carry out its shows and creative processes next year in schools on the island.

The new terms of this programme by the Educational and Social Department can now be viewed on the website:https://auditoriodetenerife.com/en/learning-and-social-programme/teatro-en-la-escuela. The selection will be undertaken by an assessment committee based on the criteria published and in accordance with the principles of objectivity, competition and advertising.

The companies and groups must present their projects for shows or creative processes in the form of a dossier and accompanied by a teaching guide tailored to the age of the pupils it is aimed at, which can be for preschool, primary, secondary, baccalaureate education and training cycles. The registration period ends on 24 June.

Professional theatre, dance and movement arts companies can participate, along with music groups that have been legally established, with business addresses or permanent headquarters on the island of Tenerife. Projects that are supported by professionals (theatre, dance and music) and multidisciplinary teams in the education sector, pedagogy, etc. will be favourably viewed.

In the case of shows, their duration must range between 45 and 75 minutes; in terms of creative processes, they will be counted as two shows and must be formed by five working sessions. Thus, each selected project can choose ten shows or five creative processes to implement throughout the year.

This seventh edition begins in September and runs until June 2023, coinciding with the school year. Just like every year, the advertising and coordination with the schools from the catalogue resulting from the selective process will be carried out by the team from the Auditorium of Tenerife.

The objectives of this programme notably include making students aware of performing and musical languages in their own educational context, as well as providing access to and disseminating the performing and music arts among pupils on the island. On the other hand, it is important to link academic aspects to the professional context of performing and musical arts in Tenerife.

Thus, another of the goals is to encourage values focused on dance and movement arts, relating to art, health, the body, and movement, linked to the artistic discipline of dance in a cross-cutting and cross-disciplinary way. In this regard, enriching and diversifying communicative, expressive and creative possibilities through musical language is also included. 

Encouraging the all-around development of students through arts and creating the foundations to encourage the socialisation of students within the school space through cultural activities are other aims of this initiative which is celebrating its seventh consecutive year.