... the architect Santiago Calatrava took inspiration from the human eye for the design of the iconic #AuditoriodeTenerife building?

... the organ of the Symphony Hall of the #AuditoriodeTenerife is formed by 3835 pipes?
Built by the master organ builder Albert Blancafort two years after the hall, it is a unique piece worldwide.

... the wing of the #AuditoriodeTenerife measures 130 metres long of which 62 are not supported at all?

... the stage box of the Symphony Hall of the #AuditoriodeTenerife is the largest in the Canary Islands?

It has a surface area of 380 m2, a mouth that is approximately 16-metres wide and 10 metres high, and a depth of 14 metres.

... the #AuditoriodeTenerife is also a venue with thousands of options for the locations of all kinds of productions?

Films such as 'Rambo V: Last Blood', series such as the British 'Doctor Who', and music videos, such as that of the song 'Universo' by Blas Cantó show images of the iconic outline of our building.
Recently, Yeray Vargas from Tenerife created a series of spectacular photo montages in which he integrated some of the most well-known scenes from the film world with the exteriors of the building.

... more than 50 panels cover the roof of our Symphony Hall?

Its internal metal structure makes it possible to move panels freely and thus change the acoustics of the hall, adapting to the needs and technical characteristics of each type of show.

... our Chamber Hall is an exceptional small amphitheatre for acoustics?

The sound produced on stage is transported by the wood and plaster structure formed by the roof, directing it towards the end of the hall where there are wood panels that amplify the sound.

... the Auditorio de Tenerife has two terraces which, in the shape of slight symmetrical curves, surround the Symphony Hall offering a walk around the building?

These are the City Terrace, with a clear urban character and views over the centre of Santa Cruz, and the Atlantic Terrace, with sea views, calmer and more spiritual.

... you can go on a virtual tour virtual visit around all the areas of the Auditorio de Tenerife?