ˋEl caso de la señora estupendaˊ, by the group Teatruva, will see the light for the first time on Saturday [17 Dec] in La Otorava.


The Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) programme by the Auditorio de Tenerife is organised under the Island Council's Culture Area, which is directed by Enrique Arriaga. This week, the programme offers three performances. The first event takes place tomorrow [15 Dec] in La Laguna; the second, on the 16 December in Tegueste, and the third performance on the 17 December in La Orotava. The admission for the three events is free until full capacity is reached.

The week of performances kicks off with the play Cena de Navidad (Christmas Dinner), a play by the senior citizens' association Rondalla Volcanes del Teide of La Orotava. It takes place tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. at the Centro Ciudadano San Matías 2, in La Laguna. The play begins on Christmas Eve, with the Sánchez family waiting for their daughter Pepita, her future husband, Javi, and his mother to arrive. The play comprises the actresses Marina Santos García, Isabel Acosta Lina, Antonia García Luis, María del Pilar Padrón Yanes, Isabel Hernández Lorenzo, Ascensión Díaz González and Estrella Escobar Luis, under the direction of Eusebio Galván Cabello.

Quien pide el último, pide mejor (Who has the last laugh?) by the Tais association will be performed on Friday at 8.30 p.m. at the Teatro Príncipe Felipe in Tegueste. The play begins with a lady who finds a strange lamp that turns out to have powers while she is tidying up the attic. The script was written by Blanca Poza Esperón and the play is directed by Irene Pérez, with the assistant Lucas Hernández. The following performers make the story come alive: Mari Carmen Cruz, Dorys Pelayo, Sergio del Pino, Nati Álvarez, Carmen del Rosario, Monse Morales, Juan Carlos del Pino and Lucas Hernández.

On Saturday at 8:30 p.m. the premiere of El caso de la señora estupenda (The case of the wonderful lady), by the cultural association Fiesta de la Vendimia-Grupo de Teatro Teatruva takes place at the Auditorio Francisco Álvarez Abrante of La Perdoma, in La Orotava. The comedy happens during wartime and the arrival of newlyweds at a hotel. The actors are Dionisio Linares, Afligidos García, Ezequiel de León, José Manuel Ramos, Luisa Herrera, María García, Domingo Arbelo, Luisa Luis, Inés Hernández, Domingo Hernández, Goyo Pérez and Macu Hernández, under the direction of Wame Gutiérrez. The performances are sponsored by the Council of La Orotava and the historical complex of Casa de los Balcones.

The programme Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) is part of the Educational and Social Area of the Auditorio de Tenerife. Teatro Aficionado encourages the interest in theatre as a hobby and the production of theatrical plays by the local associations of Tenerife. It aims to stimulate matters such as communication, the exchange of ideas, and creativity amongst members who, in turn, belong to youth collectives, cultural collectives, women's collectives, and neighbourhood groups, among others.

Its main objectives are to promote a liking for theatre among different social and cultural groups, to promote the general public's attendance to, and love of, theatrical plays; likewise, to contribute to enriching the technical/artistic quality of amateur theatre groups and to create different work groups (directors, actors, costume designers, seamstresses, playwrights, scriptwriters, etc.).