The ‘Puro Teatro’ Association is performing this play at the Civic Centre San Roque at 9:00 p.m.


The Tenerife Auditorium's Amateur Theatre Programme is under the Island Council's Culture Area, directed by the island’s Minister of Culture Enrique Arriaga. Amateur Theatre is offering a new piece by the Puro Teatro Association: Historias caóticas para siete artistas desesperados (Chaotic stories for seven desperate artists) that will be performed tomorrow [21st Dec] at the Civic Centre San Roque at 9:00 p.m. Tickets for the show, recommended for adult audiences, are free until total capacity is reached.

Historias caóticas para siete artistas desesperados is made up of seven small texts whose leitmotiv is chaos. Each of the seven stories is starred by two characters who somehow express their feelings at a specific moment in their lives. The Council of La Laguna sponsors this performance.

In the first of the stories in this theatrical piece, the two brothers find themselves in strange circumstances and realize that their lives have taken very different paths. In the second, a female painter has been hiding a great secret from her husband, but he hides an even greater one. A comedian who gets entangled in a mess due to an admirer is the theme of the third story. In the fourth story, a husband disappears and forces his wife to turn to a professional to search for him.

The eternal bachelor who, in his advanced maturity, questions the state of his romantic relationships, stars in the fifth sketch. And, lastly, the appearance of a mother causes tremendous upheaval in her unstable daughter. The following performers make the story come alive: Lidia Dorta, Glenda Suárez, Jesús Patrón, Kuki Asís, Nuria Neida, Piluca Prada and Rosi García.

The programme Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) is part of the Educational and Social Area of the Auditorio de Tenerife. Teatro Aficionado encourages interest in theatre as a hobby and the production of theatrical plays by the local associations of Tenerife. It aims to stimulate matters such as communication, the exchange of ideas, and creativity amongst members who, in turn, belong to youth collectives, cultural collectives, women's collectives, and neighbourhood groups, among others.

Its main objectives are to promote a liking for theatre among different social and cultural groups, to promote the general public's attendance to, and love of, theatrical plays; likewise, to contribute to enriching the technical/artistic quality of amateur theatre groups and to create different work groups necessary in the fundamental processes for the staging of a production.