This play is part of the programme of the Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) and will take place on Friday, the 10th of February, at 06.00 p.m.


The association for the senior citizens of Abona-Grupo La Jara presents Hotelito C. Herrera. The play is part of the programme of the Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) of the Auditorio de Tenerife and will be performed on Friday 10 February at the Teatro Príncipe Felipe in Tegueste at 06:00 p.m. 

Hotelito C. Herrera is a comedy of intrigue adapted from the text El anuncio inoportuno (The unwelcome announcement) by Alicia Uzcanga Lavalle. The plot will lead the audience to discover a motley cast of characters who fill different  scenes of the show with very funny moments. This adaptation premiered last November at the Cine (the old cinema) in Arico Viejo.

Gregorio Bonilla and Wame Gutiérrez are responsible for both the direction and music of the work, which has make-up by Laura Cobo Aguilar and the collaboration of the Town Council of Tegueste. The cast of Hotelito C. Herrera is formed by Carolina Marrero, Esmeralda Expósito, Loly Castro, Feli Oval, Loly González, Juani Pérez, María José Domínguez, Pilar González, Montse González, Lala Pérez, María Esther Álvarez, Toni Fuu, Nanci González and Encarna Pineda.

The programme Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) is part of the Educational and Social Area of the Auditorio de Tenerife. Teatro Aficionado encourages interest in theatre as a hobby and the production of theatrical plays by the local associations of Tenerife. It aims to stimulate matters such as communication, the exchange of ideas, and creativity amongst members who, in turn, belong to youth collectives, cultural collectives, women's collectives, and neighbourhood groups, among others.

Its main objectives are to promote a liking for theatre among different social and cultural groups, to promote the general public's attendance to, and love of, theatrical plays; likewise, to contribute to enriching the technical/artistic quality of amateur theatre groups and to create different work groups (directors, actors, costume designers, seamstresses, playwrights, scriptwriters, etc.).