The event takes place in the Chamber Hall at 11:30 a.m., as part of the "Primavera Musical" cycle.


On Sunday, 12 May, at 11:30 a.m., the Auditorio de Tenerife hosts a new concert of the "Primavera Musical" cycle, with the performance of the brass bands Unión y Amistad (Santa Cruz), Cruz Santa (Los Realejos) and Nivaria (Arafo). The cycle is an initiative by the federation 'Federación Tinerfeña de Bandas de Música' and the collaboration of the Tenerife Island Council.

In this edition of Primavera Musical, the association 'Asociación Musical Unión y Amistad' performs under the direction of Iván Yeray Rodríguez. This band offers the audience three pieces. The concert starts with the prelude to the zarzuela La Marchenera, by Federico Moreno Torroba, continues with the premiere piece Ceniza y volcán, by Antonio Ramos Díaz, and concludes with La vida es un Carnaval, by Víctor Daniel and Celia Cruz, with arrangements by the band's director.

The second group to perform on the stage of the Chamber Hall will be the Agrupación Musical Cruz Santa, from Los Realejos. The band starts a new stage after the departure of José Manuel Álvarez, who was 28 years at the helm of this group and will say goodbye on Sunday conducting Steve Reineke's Sedona. The other two pieces of the programme, the pasodoble A mi madre, by Roque Baños, and the symphonic prelude La Torre del Oro, by Gerónimo Giménez, will be performed under the direction of Sofía González Batista.

The musical event will be completed with the Sociedad Filarmónica Nivaria, from Arafo. Under the direction of Miguel Ángel Expósito Marrero, the band will begin its performance with Cassiopeia, by Carlos Marques, to continue with The Green Hill, by Bert Appermont and Juan Carlos Pérez Afonso as a soloist. The programme will conclude with the overture for a symphonic band titled La sombra del peregrino by José Luis Peiró Roig.