Fifteen new works will be performed at this Saturday's concert.


The Auditorio de Tenerife hosts on Saturday [6th], at 6.00 p.m. in the Chamber Hall a concert by pupils of the Higher Music Conservatory of the Canary Islands. Entry is free until the full capacity is reached. Fifteen new creations of these young composers will be heard for the first time, performed by the students and their teachers.

The programme begins with the two ensembles El canto de la Llanía and Anaha, two compositions by Attilia Kiyoko Cernitori that will be conducted by herself. The evening continues with Alienation, by Víctor Rodríguez Visuerte, a piece that will be performed by a clarinet, alto saxophones, trumpets, trombone, euphonium and grand piano ensemble.

Guillermo de la Torre Rivero will then present his piece Sastipen Tali for a wind trio (trumpet, alto saxophone and euphonium) with piano. The piece Dhá Trombón Dhá Euphonium by Óscar Gregorio García Moreno for wind quartet with trombones and euphonium will be the next work to be premiered.

It will then be the turn of Exi foris, a piece for a violin, viola, cello and piano quartet, and Dans la rue encore, a piece for flute, oboe and piano trio, both by Jacob González Marrero. The programme continues with Waltz nº1, a violin, viola and cello string trio by Daniel Vargas Otazo. The following work to be premiered will be Storia di un'evoluzione by Fabio D'Alberti for cello and piano.

The programme continues with the string quartet Dubitaciones, by Felipe Á. Hernández Ruiz. Another piece for string quartet, La Danza de Roco by Adrián Denis Oliva Rodríguez, will be played at the Chamber Hall, followed by the composition 0:19, a string quartet with piano by Jonay Rodríguez González. The next concert piece has also been composed by the latter composer, Estë & Lorien, a string quartet with piano.

The evening will continue with Favelas españolas by Josué Palancares Ferna, a wind quartet for trumpet, horn, trombone, as well as piano and drums. The programme will continue with La nota by David León Vera, a wind ensemble with piano and drums, which will bring this great concert of premieres of the Conservatoire to a close.

The students - and some professors of the Conservatoire - who will perform these works are all musicians, with the exception of the soprano Laura Kmetic. Mariana Yarelis Velásquez Urbina, Víctor Pestano González, Noemi Sánchez Tapia, Pablo Ramos Ferrer, Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Cabrera, Fernando Ángel Hidalgo Núñez and Alba Giner Maroto will play the violins.

The violas will be played by Claudia Puerta García, Rosa Elena Padilla Martín and Ewa Janina Moszczynska. The cellists are Ciro Hernández Perdigón and Juan Luis Giner Maroto. Adasat Adama Santana Suárez will play the double bass, and the flutes will be played by Carmen Delia Perdomo Amaral, Óscar Sánchez Sánchez and Sara Marrero Pérez.

The oboe will be played by Víctor de la Fuente Brito and Carmen González González. The clarinet players will be Unai Jacob Marrero Simón and David Delgado Hernández. On the trumpets there will be Jesús Miguel García Pérez, Alejandro González López, Efrén Enrique Carvajal Machado, Francisco José Rodríguez Afonso and Jesús Rubén Afonso Martín.

Daniel García Gómez and Carlos Efrén Herrera Gorrín will play the saxophones, while Ema Victoria Correa Lorenzo will play the euphonium. Alexis Lorenzo Pérez, Diego Abreu Socas and Moisés del Rosario García are the trombonists, while Alejandra Rodríguez Suárez and Ashley Rodríguez Tejido will play alto saxophone. Diego Castillo González, María Vera González and Óscar Gregorio García Moreno will play percussion.