The play 'Quien pide el último, pide mejor' (Who has the last laugh?) can be enjoyed tomorrow in the cultural space of La Laguna


The Amateur Theatre programme of Auditorio de Tenerife will perform the play Quien pide el último, pide mejor (Who has the last laugh?), by the socio-cultural association Tais, tomorrow [Friday 5] at 8:30 p.m. at the Teatro Unión Tejina. The tickets, at a single price of €5, can be ordered through the usual channels of the cultural space in La Laguna.

The play begins with a lady who while tidying the attic finds a strange lamp that turns out to have powers. Then, she decides to share the discovery with her friends, who turn up both intrigued and sceptical. After some adventures, they conclude that everyone can achieve what they want if they are really determined to do so. The magic is thus within each person.

The script was written by Blanca Poza Esperón and the play is directed by Irene Pérez, with the assistant Lucas Hernández. The following performers make the story come alive: Mari Carmen Cruz, Dorys Pelayo, Sergio del Pino, Nati Álvarez, Carmen del Rosario, Monse Morales, Juan Carlos del Pino and Lucas Hernández.

The programme Teatro Aficionado (Amateur Theatre) is part of the Educational and Social Area of the Auditorio de Tenerife. Teatro Aficionado encourages interest in theatre as a hobby and the production of theatrical plays by the local associations of Tenerife. It aims to stimulate matters such as communication, the exchange of ideas, and creativity amongst members who, in turn, belong to youth collectives, cultural collectives, women's collectives, and neighbourhood groups, among others.

Its main objectives are to promote a liking for theatre among different social and cultural groups, to promote the general public's attendance to, and love of, theatrical plays; likewise, to contribute to enriching the technical/artistic quality of amateur theatre groups and to create different work groups (directors, actors, costume designers, seamstresses, playwrights, scriptwriters, etc.).