The three bands star in the concert on Sunday in the Chamber Hall of the Auditorio de Tenerife


The brass bands Santísimo Cristo del Calvario (El Tanque), Santa Cecilia (Tacoronte), and La Luz (Guía de Isora) star in the first cycle concert that takes place in June. It takes place on Sunday the 4th starting at 11:30 a.m. in the Chamber Hall of the Auditorio de Tenerife.

The concert starts with the band Santísimo Cristo del Calvario from Tenerife's northern municipality, El Tanque. Under the direction of José Eduardo Morales, it offers the pasodoble Nerva, by Manuel Rojas Tirado; the Christian march El honor de un caballero, by Miguel Ángel Más Mataix; the pasodoble Entre Adeje y El Tanque, composed by the band member David Morales, and Mambo #5 by Pérez Prado and arrangements by Peter Kleine Schaars.

The band Agrupación Musical Santa Cecilia, of Tacoronte, participates in this new edition of Primavera Musical cycle under the direction of Antonio Ordóñéz Abreu with a repertoire that includes the pasodoble l yedid, by Camilo Pérez Monllor; Tango, by Isaac Albéniz, with arrangements by de Will van der Beek and Kilian Rodríguez Hernández as a soloist; Fate of the Gods, by Steven Reineke, and the symphonic waltz Destellos del alba, by Ferrer Ferrán.

The band Agrupación Musical La Luz from Guía de Isora will wrap up the musical event at the Chamber Hall. This band offers three pieces under the direction of Antonio Fariña Díaz. They start with Rivieren-Cyclus, by Arie Malando and arrangements by Kees Vlak, to continue with Cassiopeia, by Carlos Marques, and Latin Medley Cachito-Cachita, and arrangements by Naohiro Iwai.