The shared exchange by the performer from Granada will take place in the Castillo Hall of the Auditorio, with free entry until the full capacity is reached.


This Sunday [16th], the Auditorio de Tenerife is staging the final show of the residency of Amalia Fernández, a member of the Performing Arts and Citizenship Laboratory, with sponsorship from the Regional Institute of Cultural Development (ICDC). Solala will take place at 7.30 p.m in the Castillo Hallo. The entry is free until the full capacity is reached.

The performer from Granada has been in residence at the Auditorio de Tenerife since 3 July with the collaboration of members of the Coro del Ateneo choir of La Laguna. Solala is the title of this project, which will result in a series of short pieces, made to be watched one after another, created and performed by Amalia Fernández. Although the direction, concept, and performance are by the artist in residence, the piece has live illustrations by Andrés Martínez.

The creative process is based on a wish list: Who has never made a wish list? An inventory of resolutions for the new year, a letter to the Three Kings, a promise to the Virgin of the Holy Cave... The wish is the driving force of the action, it is the present that starts venturing into the future.

This project is about the passing of time in different ways: the necessary time it takes to complete something; the time in life that each human possesses; the time on the clock as opposed to time as a subjective perception of the senses; historic and cyclical time, and the time that is shared with others. However, Solala is also about crocheting, creating stories from family photos, reflecting on Cuba and singing all together.

Amala Fernández trained in classical dance at the Royal Conservatoire of Seville and in contemporary dance with different choreographers such as Ana Buitrago, Francesc Bravo, Olga Mesa, Mónica Valenciano and others.

Her professional career has moved from performance (as a member of the company El Bailadero-Mónica Valenciano for 10 years) to independent creation from 2005 on. She is the author, director and performer of the pieces Matrioshka, Kratimosha, En construcción, El resistente y delicado hilo musical, Expografía, Monstruos Musicales and Neti Neti, among others. She has also created other pieces in collaboration with the artists Juan Domínguez, Nilo Gallego, Sonia Gómez and Cuqui Jerez.

As a teacher she has collaborated, among others, with the master’s degree in Stage Practice and Visual Culture at the University of Castile-La Mancha, with the Theatre Institute of Barcelona, with the LOVA Project and with the Reina Sofia museum.