The participants, from professionals to school pupils and users of centres and associations, ranged from 7 to 70 years old

Danza en Comunidad (Dance in the Community), a programme of the Educational and Social Area of the Auditorio de Tenerife, benefitted 300 people in its programmes held between April and July this year. Professionals from different fields, educational and penitentiary centres, non-profit organisations and social associations formed the groups that work was carried out under the slogan Sensación sentida (A felt sense).

Danza en Comunidad implemented three programmes: Formación de formadores (Training of trainers), Residencias de investigación (Research residencies) and Relatoría transversal (Transversal rapporteur). The first involved 22 people who were interested in delving deeper into and learning techniques and dynamics from dance to take into their professional fields, notably including psychology, pedagogy, social work, social and health care and social education. These sessions took place at different venues: the Municipal Dance School in Tacoronte, the Cultural Centre in El Portezuelo (Tegueste) and the Civic Centre Francisco González Hernández in Tejina (La Laguna).

The research residences took place from May to July in the classrooms of the centres and in the spaces of collectives. Seven different groups took part from the secondary schools IES Punta Larga, IES Las Galletas, the Higher Conservatoire of Music, Doctors of the World (a group of educators and another on empowerment), the Orobal Parents' Association and the Penitentiary Facility of Tenerife), which involved 279 participants and 21 educators.

The season ended with a cross-cutting rapporteur consisting of a development process establishing the baselines of the different narratives. Observation served as an inspiration to build through dialogue, a discourse of the body, movement, and sensitivity. This process began during the sessions and is ending now; all the rapporteur pieces fit together so that there can be an ongoing conversation that continues to open up the observation and inspiration of the felt sense Sensación sentida.

The slogan this year refers to a bodily sensation that comes through introspective work and manifests itself as an image, texture, landscape, form, as a "whole" which can gradually crumble. This perspective was the starting point for the movement and relations displayed during the session, where body language was essential. The facilitators Laura Marrero, Carmen Macías, Tania Pérez, Judith García and Dácil Baute led these programmes.