The schools on the island can submit their requests to host these proposals in their classrooms until 29 September


The Educational and Social Area of the Auditorio de Tenerife presents the catalogue of the eighth edition of Teatro en la Escuela (Theatre at School) programme which brings performing arts to classrooms on the island. There are eleven proposals including theatre, oral narration, music and dance on offer for schools in Tenerife during the 2023-2024 academic year between October and June. The deadline for schools to submit applications is 30 September.

The proposals, ranging from shows to creative processes, have been selected by a committee of experts through a public call for entries. The performances are divided according to educational levels: Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and training cycles. The Auditorio de Tenerife will provide teachers with a teaching guide so they can do work beforehand in class and optimise the educational possibilities of the programme. The catalogue and the application form are available on the Theatre at School section of the Educational and Social area on the website

For preschool, there is La más bonita (The most beautiful) by the puppet company Bolina Títeres. As for primary, the following pieces have been selected: The Pestoff, by Clownbaret, A Ciencia cierta (For Sure), by El Wije Producciones, and Háblame de ti (Tell me about yourself), by the company I+D Danza. The shows chosen for Secondary are Noa, by the company of Paula Quintana, uNpACKAGING, by ziREjA; La montaña, el agujero, los Escombros (The Mountain, the Hole, the Rubble), by Javier Cuevas and Checho Tamayo, and En el escenario de ‘Crimen’: una experiencia surrealista, (On the 'Crime' stage: a surreal experience) by the company Hojarasca. Lastly, Entre burlas y veras (Half joking, half serious), by Teatro Tamaska, Lastly, El Lugar en el que vivo (The place where I live), by Mon Peraza, and ¡Valientes! (Brave) the proposals for the Baccalaureate and training cycles are by Burka Teatro.

The program 'Theatre at School' aims to promote stage and musical languages to students within their own educational context and link academic aspects to the professional context of performing arts in the Canaries, laying the foundations to encourage the socialisation of students within the school space, through cultural activities, and in turn promote the all-round development of pupils, as the companies stage works adapted to curricular needs.

Other objectives involve integrating other artistic languages associated with literature, using gestures and the voice through the use of poetic and narrative texts as dramatic expressions. Lastly, the aim is for pupils to discover authors and their texts while analysing their structure. All of this is aligned with the guidelines of the Department of Education of the Canary Islands Government for the different levels.