Five companies will perform at one side of the building, close to the cafeteria, at 7:00 p.m.


The Auditorio de Tenerife is offering an afternoon of circus and outdoor dance this Saturday (23rd) as part of the Arts and Movement Festival FAM. Five companies will perform at one side of the building, close to the cafeteria, at 7:00 p.m. With regard to the dance shows, LaCerda will present El baile de la Zurda, while La Guajira will stage Minguantes. As for the circus, Zen del Sur will bring its Eclipse with live music; Marta Nistal with Guanire Circo will perform Caminos; and the Chilean Bastian von Marttens will offer the circus and dance piece Bastian solo.

This creation with four dancers by the Catalan company LaCerda proposes taking a closer look at the vital impulse that moves each body that dances to the rhythm of music by investigating the nature of dance as movement, but also as a festive meeting place and the paradigm of community. Through this study, Edward Tamayo, choreographer and director of the piece, has created a system of choreographic composition in a loop, which he calls mantras, focused on the relationship of the feet with the pelvis, on space, rhythm, and the group, and it is inspired by the dance marathons and musical rhythms of Latin America.

Minguantes is a piece that delves into the temporal universe of two individuals who are gradually ageing. From a minimalist and futuristic perspective, the body is presented as an irreplaceable engine, gears with an expiry date, errors in the operating system, the eternal debate between will and ability, and in them the firm desire to continue. The least they could do is stop to contemplate the world, what they want most is to keep going. Armando Martén and Ana Beatriz Pérez are two performers who have spent over 20 years in A Coruña, and  over 30 devoted to dance, the foundation and core of their lives.

This Eclipse by the Andalusian company Zen del Sur is a phenomenon that occurs when two stars from dance, music, and the circus align on stage. It is a creation in several pieces that blends acro dance with classical guitar, the Cyr wheel with contemporary dance, flamenco dance with percussion and piano. With the versatile Carlos López as a dancer and acrobat and the performer Noemí Pareja on guitar and on percussion, Eclipse is an example of rhythm and emotions on stage.

The acrobat Marta Nistal from Lanzarote is coming to FAM with the show Caminos. Are all the paths (caminos) already marked out, or do we create them as we walk? Do we freely choose the paths that we take, or are these decisions determined by a set of innate characteristics, constraints, and experiences that are not chosen? To answer these and other questions, Nistal marks out paths on her static trapeze in order to find her truth, her personal and authentic way of exploring them in order to get from the core to her favourite destination: the soul of the audience.

In his show Bastian solo, the young Chilean juggler Bastian von Marttens wonders if free will and freedom exist and “if we are truly free or if we simply react to situations in life and existence.” How far does our freedom go? Through the connection between juggling, dance, music, and the audience, Bastian solo seeks to shed light on these eternal questions that accompany humans.  Bastian von Marttens was born 27 years ago in Chile, and 10 years ago he fell in love with juggling.

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