In addition to the Catalan troupe Cal Teatre with 'Mentira cochina', La Rous ends its island tour with two further performances of 'Vacío'.


The performing arts programme Oye toca ver is offering this weekend two shows of the play Mentira cochina (Dirty Lie), by the company Cal Teatre, in Tacoronte and Los Realejos. In addition, the island tour of the Andalusian group La Rous comes to an end with the last two performances of their tender show entitled Vacío (Voids) in El Sauzal and Adeje.

The first of the performances of Mentira cochina, in which two actors and several puppets reflect on lies, takes place on Thursday (7th) at 6.00 pm at the Teatro Capitol in Tacoronte, and the second performance will be on Friday (8) at 8.00 pm at the Casa de la Cultura in Los Realejos.

The show is based on the assumption that everyone has lied at some point, be it at school, on the street, at home, at football or playing Pachisi, on television or the internet. Mentira cochina (Dirty Lie), a reflection on lies and truth, is based on the story of a boy who rejects his reality. Two architects, experts in designing lies, help him to create a new identity. Will the lie hold up?

Mentira cochina is recommended for audiences aged six and over and lasts about 50 minutes. The play, directed and dramatised by Dora Cantero, will be performed by Jordi Font and Carlos Gallardo. The latter is also in charge of the stage and the puppets that will appear.

The Andalusian theatre company La Rous ends its tour with four performances of the show Vacío (Voids) this Friday (8th) at 8:00 p.m. in the Teatro el Sauzal and on Sunday (10th) at the same time in the new Auditorio of Adeje. Vacío (Voids), in which only an actress, a puppet and many objects can be seen on stage, lasts around 70 minutes and is recommended for audiences aged 10 and over.

The play portrays an eighteen-year journey with two parallel stories. The first story is about a girl who is born into the world, and the second story is about her mother who welcomes her with unconditional love. Both stories show different stages of the journey, filled with unanswered questions, emotional moments, landscapes, and voids. La Rous will perform on Sunday (3rd) at 8:00 p.m. at the Casa de la Cultura in Los Realejos and will continue next week in El Sauzal (8th) and Adeje (10th), also with the same starting time.

This show, which spans across generations, won the National Award for the Performing Arts for Children and Youth in 2011. It is directed by Joan Front and Rosa Díaz, who is also the dramaturge and actress on stage, alongside Dávide Scatá. Dávide is responsible for the main puppet and other objects that interact with the performers during the show.

The performing arts programme Oye toca ver is organised by the Island Council of Tenerife with the councils of Adeje, Arona, Candelaria, el Sauzal, Guía de Isora, Los Realejos, Tacoronte, and the University of La Laguna. It consists of 41 performances by thirteen companies and ends on 17 December.