Auditorio de Tenerife is hosting the art residency Ágape, by Patricia Caballero from 15 to 21 January 2024. In addition, the workshop Cuerpo al rito run by the artist herself will take place on the last day of the residency.


 Ágape is a machine of stage alchemy. Patricia Caballero brings her experience with alchemy to the creation, subjecting herself to the process that turns carbon into diamond, applied this time to the body, to consciousness, to time, and the stage device. In this distillation of legacies and lineages, we are accompanied by grotesque humour through symbolic games and rites of passage.


We use ancient paintings and alchemy engravings. Together, the image and alchemy sought a balance between presence and absence, between fiction and reality, between secrecy and the transmission of knowledge, between explicit and veiled language, and between the presence and the mask.

The body as a protagonist leads us to states and situations that lurk around the banal, the poetic, catharsis, trance and purging. Through the dance of this unclassifiable creator, and in the company of two genuine musicians, we will discover unknown intricacies of flamenco, the stage, and consciousness. We delve into an intricate game that invites us to perceive quantum reality and the unfolding of time, revealing eternity in the seemingly ephemeral.


Artistic datasheet

Conductor: Patricia Caballero

Performance and original music: Beñat Achiary (vocals and percussion), Raul Cantizano (hurdy-gurdy, lute and guitar) and Patricia Caballero.

Art direction: Julia Valencia

Lighting: Cristina Libertad

Sound and sound space: Pedro León

Assistant Director: Romain Delavoipière

Technical coordination: Carmen Mori

Production: Maria Velasco

Distributed by: Chema Blanco

Audiovisual: Eva Viera

Photography: Agustín Hurtado

Communication: María Martinez

Coproduced by: Teatro Lope de Vega (Seville)

and Teatro Leal (Tenerife)

This production is subsidised by the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions.


Patricia Caballero has been linked to dance for 33 years and professionally for 17 years. A journey of deep study, creation, teaching and accompaniment. Her many transdisciplinary projects are promoted by national and international theatres, festivals, and creative space.

Since 2006, she has investigated different languages, exploring stage documentaries through a trilogy: Aquí Gloria y después paz, Lo raro es que estemos vivos and Barrunto. She closely collaborated with La Porta (Barcelona), a platform that supported all of her projects until it disbanded. For 4 years, she has been immersed in Epifanías, a research project that shakes the boundaries between popular festivals, sacred rites, and stage events, channelling her artistic language towards a new paradigm. It involved the participation of over 350 people and was supported by different institutions and communities.

She worked for several years alongside Israel Galván on stage direction and the integral accompaniment of his work. She co-created with other artists such as Mónica Valenciano and Niño de Elche. In her projects, she is constantly accompanying creators such as Luz Arcas (La Pharmaco), Alberto Cortés, Rocío Guzman, Rosa Romero, among many others. She recently began her movie career with the film On the Go, currently on a global tour around prestigious art house film festivals.

A graduate in Choreography from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona, she has co-founded art collectives and communities such as Arriero, Zirtam, La Colmena... consolidating her BodyVoice Process practice, on which she offers two-year training programmes, after 11 years of continuous laboratory work and investigation. She is also the curator of programmes such as Ciutat Flamenc 2015 at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona; of the Art and Ecology Gatherings in rural settings in Cadiz; the co-organiser and advisor of the El Molino de Guadalmesí creative space (Tarifa-Cádiz); and board member and coordinator of the art residencies of La Aceitera (Rocío Molina creative centre in Seville).