The performances end on Friday with a sold-out family performance.


The Auditorio de Tenerife offers the children's show Semilla, by the company Tea Tree. More than eight hundred schoolchildren from fourteen schools on the island will attend the six performances planned for this week, while on Friday (8th) there will be a family show which is already sold out.

Semilla (Seed), recommended for those over 2 years of age, is a dance, circus and theatre piece that makes both plants and ideas blossom. The show highlights the importance of taking care of what is alive, looking after a plant, and giving it the best conditions for it to grow the best it can. Therefore, patience and waiting are a key element addressed in the proposal.

The company Tea Tree is the result of Sara Olmo and Pierre Viatour teaming up together, authors and performers of Semilla. She is a dancer and choreographer, and he is an actor and a hand-to-hand acrobat (circus technique). Dance and the circus are their means of communication, and the body is their tool. They work with the desire to use their language to sow seeds, feed their imagination and spread inspiration. Tea Tree alludes to the essential oil of the same name. For Sara Olmo and Pierre Viatour, trees are a strong symbol of nature, life, and fulfilment. Therefore, they are essential elements for life on Earth. On an artistic level, they are convinced that art and culture are also essential for the development of humans. 

The show's director, Yutaka Takei, was born in Fukuoka, Japan. Through movement and contemporary dance, from 1997 to the present, he has led a rich and intense professional career featuring many encounters with renowned artists. At the root of everything, it is possible to recognise the themes that most motivate him: the relationship with the body and the sacredness of nature. For the Tea Tree company, culture is the essence and is essential. Culture nourishes the soul and vice versa.