Around one hundred people took part in the 12 programmes and attended the celebration.


The artistic and social project Danza en Comunidad (Dance in the Community) by Auditorio de Tenerife celebrates its tenth anniversary. The anniversary took place at a gathering involving one hundred professionals and groups who had participated in the programme activities over this decade.

Danza en Comunidad has developed and carried out twelve programmes and four research processes during this period. It has worked with 40 groups, that have participated and returned for different project editions. The number of participants involved surpasses 1,500 people. Over one thousand work sessions have been held, many of which have resulted in 68 performances. In addition to the in-house activity, they have participated in 28 projects, initiatives and festivals in the Community.

For the occasion, the Auditorio de Tenerife's Multipurpose Hall has been transformed into a multi-sensory space with areas for writing, thinking, dialogue, dancing, and even creating video recordings. Upon arrival, attendees removed their shoes to put on their new commemorative socks and thus enjoyed the event more freely.

The celebration of the tenth anniversary was led by the DC team, formed by Laura Marrero, Carmen Macías, Dácil Baute, Judith García and Tania Pérez. Alongside the attendees, the facilitators carried out several movement dynamics, including screening a commemorative video. One hundred people enjoyed the event, including managers and associates of the groups, people participating in the different programmes, hall and festival schedulers, teachers from schools, artistic collaborators and the Auditorio de Tenerife team.

Danza en Comunidad has carried out committed and respectful work with a team trained in Dance and with great social sensibility. Those in charge of the project most value the people, adventures, experiences, and learning accumulated over these ten years. "Art gains new meanings in social and vulnerable contexts, like the art of dance, which is also vulnerable," reflects Laura Marrero, one of the founders of Dance in the Community.

This project aims to create different pathways and itineraries where Dance is available for any person, collective, group or association that needs to work with the tools of a professional. To do so, the time that each person takes to assimilate things is respected, and the aim is to find the movement of each body. Group relationships, agreements, participation, movement and ideas are essential to creating an atmosphere where every person can exercise their right to move, make, and express their sensibility. The main aim and ultimate commitment of Danza en Comunidad is to form a community that provides mediation and resources for Dance and movement.