A dozen composition students premiere their works on Saturday.


The Auditorio de Tenerife hosts a concert on Saturday (11th) with composition premieres by the students of the Higher Music Conservatory of the Canary Islands. Several musicians—pupils and teachers—will perform the works of young musical authors. Admission is free until the hall reaches its maximum capacity, which starts at 6:00 p.m. in the Chamber Hall.

The programme for this concert features ten works composed by students. Las ondas del agua (The waves of water) will be the first piece performed. It was created by the young student Óscar García for a string orchestra. The composition strives to reflect the eternal cycle of water, from its stillness to its movement and eventual return to calm. 

Sergio Rodríguez has composed African Sunshine for piano and a string quintet. Initially, it was created solely for piano; subsequently, it was adapted for a string section and piano. It takes inspiration from the famous jazz standard African flower and focuses on developing this idea while taking a closer approach to the music scene. 

Building a Minimal World by Basilio Gómez will be the third work to premiere in the Chamber Hall. The composer created a small work with a minimalist aesthetic for piano four hands last year for a commission by Leuven Public Library (Belgium). 

On Saturday, Josué Palancares will offer a performance of the song Fantasía corrupta, a composition for flute, trombone, and piano. Inspired by traditional and contemporary Japanese music, the author aims to evoke the changes that dreams and hopes can trigger in how we perceive our daily lives.

Jorge Guerrero has composed the work Sonatina en Re M (Sonatina in D minor) over the course of the year. It is inspired by the classic sonata form, prioritising the melody, clarity of the structure, and harmonic discourse.

The following works are Aguardo and Mantra. The first, once again created by Basilio Gómez, is a solo flute piece. This work aims to draw on suspense to subsequently create a musical discourse that showcases the flute's sound, beauty, and timbrical possibilities. Mantra, on the other hand, is the piece by Candelaria María Dorta for oboe. The eighth work of the evening is Ecos for solo flute by Julio César Rodríguez.  

The last two compositions to be performed in the Chamber Hall of the Auditorio de Tenerife are Tu luz me deslumbra (Dazzled by your light) for solo timple (a five-string Canary Island guitar) by Adrián Oliva and Dubitaciones (Hesitations) for woodwind quartet by Felipe Hernández. The composer performs the first work and uses the timple to conjure sensations in the audience. The last piece explores the lack of definition, straddled between the tonal and atonal, calm and unease, and lightness and darkness.