Saturday 25May19

Choral concert

Closing concert of the 2018/2019 Choral Conducting Course
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25 May 19:30 h.
Music/Tenerife Choir Network
 Auditorio de Tenerife (Sala de Cámara)

The Red de Coros de Tenerife [Tenerife Choir Network] held its second Choral Conducting Course from October to May under the pedagogic direction of Nuria Fernández Herranz, of the Asociación Musical CANTEMUS. The course was aimed at choir singers, conductors and music teachers with a syllabus focused on hands-on learning, active methodology and all the components that influence good choral conducting: from conducting technique to voice, rhythm, and the right use of gestural and body language.

During the months of shared learning and space we also enjoyed the teaching of internationally renowned conductors like Josu Elberdin, teacher at Escuela Musical de Pasaia, and Pedro Teixeira, of the Escola Superior de Música in Lisbon. 

The Red de Coros is a Cabildo de Tenerife initiative under the Island Strategy for the Performing Arts and Music, whose aim is to create a common space to act as platform to promote the wealth of choral activity on the island, favouring stability, exchange of information, experiences, human resources and materials.

Our aim at the Network is improvement and the pursue of excellence in choral activities through different choir training proposals which show the progress made by participants in real practices like this end of the year concert.

Auditorio de Tenerife Artistic Direction, José Luis Rivero

Red de Coros de Tenerife Director and Coordinator, Roxana Schmunk

Choral Conducting Course Director, Nuria Fernández

Director of Auditorio de Tenerife Young Choir Roxana Schmunk

Accompanying Pianist, Esther Ropón and Agustín Francisco

Teachers of Choral Conducting Course: Carlos Castañeda, Mirela Fregolent, Judith Pezoa

Coordination of Asociación Musical Cantemus: Félix Márquez

Admission free.

This show is for people aged over 5 years.

Sat 25May19

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