Friday 07Jun24
Friday 07Jun24


2 Shows
07 Jun 18:30 h.and 07 Jun 21:00 h.
18 min.
 Museo Bellas Artes ()

The FAM Festival (Arts and Movement Festival) has scheduled the show In-side, by the Lucía Montes and Mado Dallery Company, in Plaza del Príncipe. In-side invites spectators to reflect on the state of the human body and its awareness. 


In this singular performance of space and time, two bodies are mutually attracted, coexisting, affecting each other, and merging in a context that passes from the ethereal and the intangible to the most mundane and the conscious. The two bodies leave behind them a trail, a streak of movements that suggest endless sensations. They sometimes coexist in one world that envelops them, and they sometimes gain their inner worlds.


Two corporealities charged with energy that unites with magnetism and subtlety. They travel a material road of perceptions and changes that take over the bodies, inviting all to join this road from within.

Choreographers and performers: Lucía Montes and Mado Dallery

Music: Aire

Costumes: Carla Paucar

Image: Rocío Aguirre

Lighting design: Sergio García

Free entry until full capacity is reached.

Invitations must be collected in advance from 5:30 p.m. onwards at the museum. Maximum 2 tickets per person.

Fri 07Jun24
Fri 07Jun24