Saturday 19May18


Brundibar (The Bumblebee)
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19 May 17:00 h.
45 minutes
Opera/Hands on Opera
 Ópera de Tenerife (Chamber Music Hall)

Manos a la Ópera (hands-on opera) is a project of the Learning area of Ópera de Tenerife, and it addresses preschool children. Every year, work is carried out with the children to create a free version of an original children’s opera where they are the artists, producers and stage designers.

The result is shown to the classmates of the schools taking part and their families, as well as at other educational centres.

The story is about two children who have to manage to find a bottle of milk for their mother, who is ill. With the help of some animals, the children overcome the problems they face to find the milk, and even defeat the organ-grinder, who wants to steal their money.

Only for parents of participating children.

Sat 19May18