Thursday 06Jun24


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06 Jun 20:00 h.
55 min. aprox.
 Teatro Guimerá ()

The FAM Festival (Arts and Movement Festival) has scheduled the show Mariana by Luz Arcas I La Phármaco Company at Teatro Guimerá. 


Mariana is the name of the goat that accompanies the wandering Roma, dancing in makeshift shows and providing its owners with a livelihood. Mariana is the mule that pulls the peasant's plough, the beast of burden of the labourer and the donkey on which the Messiah rides. The female animal is the body that does the work, regardless of time or period. In this work, singing stimulates and encourages the productive force, and the body freely recreates the beast's strength driven by the beat of the organs, as in the cantes a palo seco (a cappella flamenco singing). It is moved not by the archaeology of essences but by the pure desire to find form, order and eloquence.


The cuerpo jondo (deep body) emanates energy, life and death, and that is its radical and archaic modernity. The cuerpo jondo bursts into dance, like tears, sweat or laughter, with power and with shame, where the process is just as evident as the result. Languages are impure blends of dissimilar elements, like any living thing. A dance sculpted in stone and clay; schematic, rough-hewn and precise, like altars, amulets or tools. A dance that is as abstract and symbolic as it is utilitarian and material. 

Dance: Luz Arcas 

Voice: Bonela Hijo 

Percussions and synthesiser: Carlos González 

Cornet: Abraham Romero 

Guitar: Bonela Chico 

Singing, hand-clapping and foot-stomping: Lola Dolores 

Artistic direction, choreography, stage space: Luz Arcas 

Dramaturgic accompaniment: Rafael SM Paniagua 

Movement and body accompaniment: Patricia Caballero 

Stage and musical assistance: Abraham Gragera 

Artistic and costume assistance: Ernesto Artillo 

Flamenco adviser: Charo Martín 

Lighting: Jorge Colomer 

Sound space: Pablo Contreras 

Technical direction: Cristina Bolívar 

Technicians on tour: José Espigares and Pablo Contreras 

Photographies and videos: Virginia Rota, Alejandra Amere and Jorge Colomer 

Graphic design: María Peinado 

Production: Alberto Núñez and Alex Foulkes 

Executive production: Fernando Jariego  


In co-production with the Bienal de Flamenco of Seville, Teatros del Canal of Madrid and MA scène nationale - Pays de Montbéliard (France). 

Recommended for people over 16 years of age.

Thu 06Jun24
Teatro Guimerá