Wednesday 05Jun24
Wednesday 05Jun24

Onde pousa a humidade

2 Shows
05 Jun 17:30 h.and 05 Jun 19:30 h.
15 min.
 Exterior ()

The FAM Festival (Arts and Movement Festival) has scheduled the show Onde pousa a humidade, the first solo endeavour of the creator and interpreter Marcia Vázquez, in Plaza del Príncipe and outside the venue Espacio La Granja.


Onde pausa a humidade is a dance solo that explores the relationship between the human body and waiting. It was inspired by Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) in Galicia, the European coast that has seen the most shipwrecks. The work is a homage to the women who have always waited for the ocean to return their loved ones, or at least their remains. As they wait, the salt dries and cracks the skin of the hands that weave one net after another, keeping them aground.

Management and interpretation: Marcia Vázquez

Music: Leilía and Mercedes Peón

Soundscape: Guillermo Alfaro and Marcia Vázquez

Movement consultancy: Carmen Larraz

Scenic consultancy: Paula Ramis and Raquel Jara

Wed 05Jun24
Plaza del Príncipe
Wed 05Jun24
Exterior Espacio La Granja