Friday 07Jun24

Vacío espiritual

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07 Jun 19:00 h.
20 min.
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The FAM Festival (Arts and Movement Festival) has scheduled the show Vacío espiritual, BY Richard Mascherin, in Plaza del Chicharro.


From the moment of impact onwards, the human body surrenders to the moment, experiencing pleasure from its relationship with objects and from the relationship between intimacy and exposure. The piece is a performative accident that falls within the contemporary dance category in which the body, sound and techno music are interrelated.


Vacío espiritual is falling, having an accident, surrendering, dancing alone or conducting an orchestra in which nobody wants to play. It is a piece that feels a constant void and wants only to be filled. Vacío espiritual is an intervention that develops the premise of Caer, caer, caer, a project directed by Richard Mascherin that branches into different forms and proposals in which the vulnerability of the body and the inevitability of falling are the core concepts of this research. 


The idea behind this creation came about through a site-specific proposal for the Cyclo Festival of Madrid in the discotheque Pirandello. Shortly afterwards, it travelled to Sofia (Bulgaria) for artistic residency at Derida Dance Center, premiering at the Teatros del Canal Centre on 25 September 2022.

Artistic direction and choreography: Richard Mascherin

Artist: Richard Mascherin

Live music: Alejandro Da Rocha

With the support of Derida Dance Center, Canarias Crea, Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural and Masdanza.


Fri 07Jun24
Plaza del Chicharro