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Ana contra la muerte

Première in Spain and in Europe, Spanish version
4 Shows
29 Sep 20:30 h. - 06 Oct 20:00 h.
75 min.
(Arona, El Sauzal y Candelaria)
Musical Theatre/Uruguay
 MEI ()

The theatre festival Muestra Escénica Iberoamericana (MEI) has programmed 'Ana contra la muerte' (Ana against death), a text by the renowned Uruguayan playwright Gabriel Calderón.

The chances of death are extremely high. But those of never having been born are by far higher. Every person who is born and lives are not only a miracle of nature through its complex biological mechanisms. He/she is also a statistical miracle since the odds of not being born or of dying quickly have always been our cons.

Therefore, we reject death, not out of fear, not out of grief, not because it is unnatural. We reject it because we are the unnatural ones because death is a rule to correct the marvellous exception we are. Death returns us to the statistics, like the minerals and stardust that inhabit worlds where nothing is counted because there is nothing. It is the story of a woman who understood that she had to resist death as long as she could, and even longer.

Author and direction: Gabriel Calderón

Actresses: Gabriela Iribarren, Marisa Bentancur and María Mendive

Set design and lighting design: Lucía Tyler, Matías Vizcaíno and Miguel Robaina Mandl

Costume: Virginia Sosa

Photography: Pía Galvalisi

Graphic design: Agustín Spinelli

Direction assistant: Elaine Lacey

Production assistant: Vladimir Bondiuk

General Production: Bruno Gadea

International production and promotion: Matilde López Espasandín (Marea Productora Cultural)

Performances of Ana contra la muerte in Tenerife:

Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Arona-29 September Tickets not available so far.

Teatro El Sauzal-2 and 3 October. Tickets are on sale HERE

Cine viejo, Candelaria-6 October. Tickets not available so far.

En este espacio se podrá disponer de una visualización del espectáculo solo para los programadores con clave de la Red Española de Teatros, Auditorios, Circuitos y Festivales de Titularidad Pública (Redescena) y la Red Eurolatinoamericana de Artes Escénicas (Redelae). 

Tickets will be on sale at each venue under their own conditions and measures.

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