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Nadie lee fuego mientras todo se está quemado

Première in Europe
3 Shows
23 Sep 20:00 h. - 25 Sep 20:00 h.
(Vilaflor, El Rosario y El Sauzal)
Musical Theatre/Chile
 MEI ()

The theatre festival Muestra Escénica Iberoamericana (MEI) has programmed 'Nadie lee fuego mientras todo se está quemando', (Nobody reads fire while everything is burning) by the Chilean theatre company Teatro Niño Proletario.

A mother and her son are homeless and live on the streets of a society they do not wish to belong to. They decide to confront the situation by performing a poetic act as the last gesture to shed light on a country that lives in darkness.

This play revisits the 2005 production 'Hambre' (Hunger), the company's first creation. It is also inspired by the novel 'Los vigilantes', by Diamela Eltit, a winner of the Chilean National Prize for Literature in 2018.

Likewise, it is inspired by the poetry book 'Bonzo', by Maximiliano Andrade, a young Chilean poet and outstanding illustrator, who also illustrated his book.

Direction: Luis Guenel

Cast: Luz Jiménez and Francisco Medina

Overall design: Catalina Devia

Assistant designer: Nicolás Zapata

Dramaturgy: Teatro Niño Proletario

Musical composition: Jaime Muñoz

Audio-visuals: Edison Cájas

Photography: Felipe Ortega

Press office: Pilar Higuera

Production: Teatro Niño Proletario

Performances of 'Nadie lee fuego cuando todo se está quemando' in Tenerife

Vilaflor-23 September Tickets not available so far.

Casa de la Juventud, El Chorrillo (El Rosario)-24 September 

Book your tickets by dialling the number 922010160 ext. 3004/3005/1024 or write an email to

Teatro El Sauzal-25 September Tickets are on sale HERE

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