Saturday 21Nov20

Numa Circuit

'M' is a Numa Circuit residence
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21 Nov 19:30 h.
  (Sala Castillo)

Auditorio de Tenerife welcomes the arts residency M, which includes several guest artists invited by Numa Circuit from 15 to 21 November 2020 with a showcase at the end.


This is a memory Dance of a journey, from the quietness of staying

in something,

from the restlessness of being trapped in a

loop of repeated actions, from which I was brought up,

from the creature that shapes my new body,

A ritual Dance to pay tribute to and exorcise all the mothers, to bump into

what I’ve learnt, to accompany,

Not to understand, sense, go through, name, set out an extreme, invisible, everyday, and horrific situation

This is a personal story of anyone This is a manifesto

this is a therapy this is a developing

this is making visible a reality of many this is a shattered dream

this is a miracle

this is another story this is pink

this is M.

Creación e interpretación: Élida Dorta

Piano y voz

Asistente de dirección: Javier Arozena

Diseño de luces: Dimas Cedrés

Música: Dave Watts

Piano: Rebeca Píriz Ugidos

Vestuario: Nika XxX y Dosi Andrade 


Tickets will be on sale soon.

Access is only allowed to people over five years old.

Buying the tickets implies the user unconditionally accepts the contents of the measures implemented by the Auditorio de Tenerife to deal with COVID-19, with no exceptions or reservations, including wearing a face mask or coming only with people you live with.  Please see all the measures here:

Sat 21Nov20

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